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the next two weeks will be sketchy for me so i'm apologizing in advance for the lack of posting... i will do my best to keep up with things but sometimes, blogging is the last thing on my mind when i get home from work (esp. if i have to stay late)... anyway, i'll do my best... :o)

my mom and i had a nice time w/my sister and nieces this weekend - their log cabin is still not done though my nieces have been living in their bedrooms since school began (something about an occupancy permit)... meanwhile, my sister and her hubby are living in their camper/trailer so it makes for an interesting time when it comes to eating meals... anyway, the weather was great and the leaves were at their peak color in western maryland - quite fitting for their annual autumn glory festival... while they did their thing in the morning, i spent a few hours with my dad - he didn't recognize me but i know that's just because of the disease, not because he choses not too... as for the rest of the weekend - we basically hung out at the house, had lots to eat, went to church, and headed back home... too bad the redskins couldn't have ended the weekend on a high-note - WTF! :o(

since yesterday was an optional holiday for us here, half the office was gone, and it was pretty quiet... in between a few projects, i checked-out hungrygirl since she has new food products listed every few days... one item was arnold's select multigrain samich thins and i thought, what a great idea for my lunch... so i found what stores in my area carried them, bought two packs (they were even on sale!), and had my first one today... holy cow! it was SO tasty and went great with turkey, lowfat provolone, and field greens - i can't wait to try other fillings... i bet PB and banana would be awesome! ;o)

happy tuesday...

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