thought i'd share two of my horoscopes from today - it's funny how both seem to be saying something to me, but in different ways (i don't take them that seriously, mind you)...

  1. you may find that you've been playing with fire lately, and this is a good day to change your ways and focus on a safer way of life.
  2. as much as you would love for someone to know that fantastical version of yourself that you've created in your head, the real you is more lovable. so when the questions arise, you tell the truth. helplessly so.
man, oh man - these are so dead-on, i can't even tell you... somehow these horoscopes just knew that i was going to be reporting my weigh-in and today, and they decided to send me a little message... i will not lie to you guys - i have gained a few pounds (4.4 since july), so to say that i've been playing with fire is an understatement... though i've enjoyed not keeping track, perhaps i've been enjoying my comfort zone a bit too much... i am not saying, however, that i hate the way i look - i have worked way to hard at accepting myself, just the way i am, and will not let a few pounds get to me... yet on the otherhand, i can see/feel where the extra pounds have come back and even though my clothes still fit (thank god!), things like tights are a bit more snug these days...

so the fantastical me (created in my head) isn't as thin as she used to be a few months ago... is that a bad thing? not really but i guess it's all depends on how you look at it... i made an honest decision to stop tracking and gaining weight shouldn't be that big of a surprise really... i have never pretended to be perfect or to be someone that hasn't struggled while trying to lose weight... for me, i came to place this summer where i was just tired of everything... tired of counting, tired of keeping track, tired of bargaining this food for that food, and tired of reporting the same loss/gain each week... it was a choice i made and i'm not regretting it by any means but i do think i'm at a place now where i need to be careful... just thought i'd share... :o)

now back to my regular blogging...

i tried yet another new recipe last night - greens, tomato, and white bean soup... i found the recipe in the morning paper and believe it or not - i had all the ingredients in my pantry... unfortunately, i could only find a PDF of the whole paper online so i made a graphic of just the recipe and you can check it out here... the only thing i substituted was the last ingredient - i had a bag of spinach and am pretty sure it would be tasty with any greens you might have on hand... this soup was really good and it would be perfect for a chilly night at home or rainy weekend, and even better with a warm loaf of bread... :o)

work update: my boss gave me the good news on friday afternoon - sorry i haven't posted since then but friday was a blur with the whole photography thing, and then i was super-busy over the weekend... anyway, she had been waiting to get final approval (from the big cheese) and told me that even though i don't have a job description yet - i will receive the promotion which includes a new title (design director) and a 12.8% increase... i know, i know - i shouldn't be bragging about this, considering the state of our economy right now, but damn - i really worked hard for this and am SO happy! she said basically the same thing and that i deserved it, so yay me! my first goal will be to pay-off my car loan and then i'll be upping my 401(k) and putting more in savings... whooo hoooo... :o)

happy hump day...

p.s. i'm back to being a (lighter) blonde again and have updated my photo... ;o)

Elephant Steps  – (4:16 PM)  

Your new hair color looks great on you! Don't beat yourself up over the 4 lbs. You do realize that's 1 lb a month you gained right? That's pretty awesome if you ask me. It's so easy to just lose control. So I think you are doing awesome on your non counting ways!

Carolyn  – (8:50 AM)  

I hear ya.
I'm still tracking my calories and such on Sparkpeople but I've gotten rid of the points. I think it's the best thing for me right now.

Start paying a little more attention to your diet and thos epoinds will fly off in no time. Just don't let 4 become 10 like I did!!

Sharla Rae  – (12:42 PM)  

Congrats on the job promotion and raise as well!!!(you sure the 401 is a safe place).

Your hair looks great. As fo rthe few pounds, you noticed them, clothes still fit, it will be ok
(my new thinking) to easy to get obsessive with for me anyways!

Have a great weekend!

Foo  – (12:50 PM)  

Love the new photo update! Congrats on your well deserved promotion and you are doing the smart thing with your 4 lbs...kickin' it now, unlike me who waited until it got well into the double digits. Sigh.

Teresa  – (2:02 PM)  

Big congrats on the promotion. Bravo for you....... I'm sure you will rid yourself of those 4 pounds in a wink. Take care.

Ro  – (5:18 PM)  

I have to catch up with whats going on with you (of ocurse after the weekend) I am like back to square 1 so time to whip me into shape.


Rebecca  – (1:11 PM)  

congrats on the promotion!!! nice to hear of something positive happening and not always lay-offs, lay-offs, lay-offs.

TrixieBelden  – (11:00 PM)  

brag all you want - you earned it and you deserve it! d*mn, you go girl!

Anonymous –   – (3:30 AM)  

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