calm before the storm

thought i would take the opportunity and post before the storm hits here - there will be a lot going on between now and next week... between the board of governor meeting, annual report photo sessions, web postings, and anything else crisis-realted - saying that i will be swamped is an understatement... my boss will also be out of town mon/tues which leaves me to handle everything and anything - i don't mind but when it gets chaotic, that's when i tend to panic and start worrying (natural response)... i will try my best though since that's all i can do...

i had my annual review on tuesday - my boss had given me the written version to review the day before and we didn't even discuss it in person (it was glowing, as usual)... she spoke about my promotion and says that even though it MAY not happen this month (when increases are given), that i'm not to worry because it WILL happen... she also said that if i'm patient, it will work to my benefit in the long-run – what does that mean?! i know she wants to reorganize our small department so maybe it has something to do with that, i don't know... the way she said it though was like, "please don't quit if you're not promoted" so we'll see what happens...

i've been doing more cooking as of late - i made an excellent broccoli soup the other night and as you can see, the recipe requires no cream... and it definitely makes pureeing easier if you have a hand-blender (the kind you submerge in the pot)... it was very tasty and i can see myself making it again because it makes for a great lunch, esp. now since the weather has changed... last night, i attempted to make these turkey & vegetable pies - i made the dough the night before so that made it much easier... i had a lot of filling left over though so i decided to freeze it for another batch later... they were a bit messy to assemble but i can see endless possibilities for filling, so it's worth trying if you're into this sort of thing... tip: brushing them with a bit of egg-wash made them golden brown in the oven... :o)

tonight's plans consist of MAYBE some shoe shopping and then watching the vice-presidential debate... i'm SO looking forward to seeing sarah palin squirm in her seat - who knows what's going to come out of her mouth this time... and whatever happens will most definitely be recreated on SNL - tiny fey does such an awesome job... question: are you going to watch it?

happy thursday...

Sizzle  – (10:49 AM)  

I hope that you get that promotion sooner rather than later!

I'm definitely watching tonight. I'm even having people over.

Teresa  – (11:43 AM)  

Keeping my fingers crossed that you get the promotion. October's a busy month here as well. We are having an election here on the 14 and our Candiates are having a debate tonight as well, think most people will be watch the US debate though.

Anonymous –   – (2:47 PM)  

Ok...I am so going to make that soup. Thanks for the link!

Secondly, I know you live in DC, but are you really going to spend a perfectly good Thursday watching the debate? A hottie like you must have a date.


Sharla Rae  – (6:16 PM)  

Hey, remember to take some time for yourself next week during the crazy time!

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