glad monday is over

as i was going thru my blog-list this morning (since i had some spare time), i came across roni's post about vitalicious vitatops... i've never tried them and have only heard positive things, so i thought i would give them a try... you get 4 of each: deep chocolate, golden corn, triple chocolate chunk, dark chocolate pomegranate, fudgy peanut butter chip, and double chocolate dream... as far as nutritional info goes - i'm not sure how much it varies but the deep chocolate has 100 calories, 1.5g fat, 6g fiber, and 3g protein (1 ww point)... not bad, right? use the code "ronisweigh" for a 10% discount and no, i'm not getting anything from this - i just wanted to pass this along to my blogger-buddies... :o)

work was horrendous yesterday... between what's going on in the market, we are posting things on our website more frequently than ever and because the system we use SUCKS-ASS - it takes twice as long as it should... i'm also still having server-connection issues (because our IT department sucks) so i sent a nice email telling them it's been almost 2 months and they better fix it sooner than later... at one point, i was in tears in my office because i was THAT frustrated and to top things off - i didn't go to the gym and that just made me feel even worse... needless to say - by 6:00 i was ready to go home, so i went back to eric's and hung-out with him til half-time and then went home... and yes, i stayed up to watch the entire steelers/ravens game and i'm glad i did - GO STEELERS! :o)

today will be a better day, that's my mantra for now anyway... :o)

happy tuesday...

Teresa  – (1:15 PM)  

Hope today proves to be less stressful. What a day, what a day, wonder where this will all end.

eurydice  – (2:06 PM)  

be sure to give a review of the vitatops!

Carolyn  – (9:20 AM)  

Oh I wish I could try those Vitatops but you can't get them in Canada. Boo that.

Sorry to hear you had a bad day but you're right, today IS a new day! Just keep telling yourself that!!

Anonymous –   – (12:58 PM)  

Hey Jodi! How ya doin'. I've been lax on reading others' blogs, I've been so darn busy.

I promise to start reading on the regular again.

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