i love you, cable guy

ah, it's good to be "connected" again... it only took comcast ONE WEEK to figure out my service had been shut-off for no damn reason... yup, ladies and gentlemen - there was nothing wrong with the cable between the main box and my apartment but rather, the repair guys that weren't working properly... WTF?! regardless, i'm back and i feel normal again (is that wrong?) even though i did have a nice day listening to NPR, which included the food show 'splendid table'... that show always inspires me to cook more and try new things... :o)

speaking of food - i finally have a refrigerator full of healthy stuff... i went to the store last night (after arguing w/the cable company for 3 hours) and stocked-up on stuff that i've been neglecting as of late... and yes, i bought a frozen pizza and called it my "pissed-as-hell" dinner and enjoyed every, single bite... after yard-saling w/my mom this morning, i went to another grocery store and bought more stuff including ingredients for chicken noodle soup... this chilly, evening weather has put me in the mood for soup so that's what i'll be making this week... i will also be making my steel-cut oats and look foward to some warm & tasty breakfasts (thanks to all that responded to my post the other day)... :o)

eric popped by, when the cable guy was here ,and after the guy was done - we went for a motorcycle ride and headed to our favorite biker-bar for wings and onion rings (yes, that was our dinner)... my diet hasn't been the best as of late, so it's time to reign things in and be more conscious of what i'm doing... my clothes are still fitting but i don't want to get to the point where they aren't - know what i mean? friday was the first day i had done any cardio in over a week and it felt great, so i'm looking forward to getting back into things on monday... this weather is perfect for jogging, even though i feel like i've lost all the progress i made, so i'm taking it slow for now...

as for the rest of the weekend - i plan on catching-up on everyone's blogs, watching some mind-numbing tv (cus i can!), and then watching not one but TWO football games tomorrow... go SKINS and go STEELERS! :o)

here are some shots i took today (can you tell i was bored waiting for the cable guy?)... enjoy!

my pantry before (disorganized mess!)...

my pantry after (i can actually see what i have now)...

picked-up some new soup by V8 - can't wait to try it...

got all the ingredients ready for my oatmeal...

crepe paper + cat = fun fun fun

Elephant Steps  – (10:57 PM)  

Hahaha love the cat picture!! Hey listen, enjoy those wings and rings. You can enjoy those as long as you don't make it a every day thing, so don't feel guilty. And when I didn't have a computer for a week it was terrible, so I know what you mean about feeling normal. I have no idea what I would do without cable. Hahaha. :)

Colette  – (12:46 AM)  

Awww I love your cat he is so cute!! Hope your weekend gets better!!

carla  – (6:48 AM)  


I may need to get back to cable as I have more than one entry on my personal blog titled:


oh that I were jesting...


JavaChick  – (11:27 AM)  

Aw! Pretty kitty!

~Laura  – (8:05 PM)  

Glad to see you are still doing good! I have been away for a bit but here I am again:)

Teresa  – (10:47 AM)  

Good to hear you got you connection problem fixed. I need to get organized too, it just feels so much better when things are in their place. Your cat too cute.

Sharla Rae  – (11:08 AM)  

Love the cat, but for some reason I really like the canning jar pic!

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