i swear that the weather has turned chilly rather quick this fall - enough to make me to do the dreaded closet-switch last night... i got rid of a lot of summer things (goodwill and consignment) so i'm filling up less storage containers this time around... as for my winter things - i'm in pretty good shape and got rid of some clothes last spring... i highly recommend doing this every season since there's no sense keeping things you don't wear or no longer fit (tough to accept but it's not worth the hassle!)... next step will be to swap my shoes which is a hassle since 99% of them are under my work desk (i keep them here instead of bringing them back/forth from home)... it's probably time to go thru them as well - ugh, such a chore but it must be done... :-p

how many of you caught the season premier of the office and ER last night? i'm not religious about watching either of them but have to say - that damn ER makes me cry every time! i watched that show and chicago hope religiously when they first came out (early 90s) and considering it's the last season - i may need to add it to my schedule... the only other shows i'm waiting for are that new show with christian slater, CSI (vegas), LOST, and 24... what about you - seen anything you like so far?

time for some new products - look what i found below... :o)

fiber one toaster pastries are hitting grocery store shelves
jell-o dark chocolate sugar-free pudding might just crave your sweet tooth
kellogg's all-bran fiber drink mix will definitely fill you up (10g fiber/serving)
campbell's V8 soups contain a full serving of veggies and no preservatives (i bought 2 of these last week but haven't tried them yet)
weight watchers now has smart ones anytime selections that contain less than 300 calories

as for my weekend plans - eric and i will heading to the harley-davidson factory tomorrow (york, pa) for their annual tour... the weather is going to sucks so we won't be taking the bike (i guess we could but who wants to ride 2 hours in the rain) but i'm sure it will fun regardless... hopefully i'll get some cool pictures though cameras aren't allowed in the factory... as for sunday - i was supposed to go to a craft show w/my mom but i'm feeling like i need to cancel... this week has been so busy at work, my evenings have been busy, and now with being away tomorrow - i feel like i need a day to just chill-out... oh, and watch the redskins kick the cowboy's asses... whooooo hoooooo!

have a great weekend... :o)

Blossom  – (7:23 PM)  

The new show "Fringe" is pretty good; kinda gross in an X-Files kinda way, and by JJ Abrams too (he created Lost).

Sharla Rae  – (2:53 AM)  

I recorded Grey's Anatomy- I have never watched it but the ads looked good.

Have fun at the Harley tour- we went several years ago and I had fun-dad loved it!

I wish we had real season changes here. This is actually are warmest month. It was 90 today-yuck

Have a great weekend!

Elephant Steps  – (8:47 PM)  

OMG I bawled my eyes out on ER!! I didn't know that was happening. I didn't just choked up, I cried for like 5 mins, but I am religious on that show. I haven't missed an episode in a couple years.
You know I've been getting rid of stuff too. I save so many clothes thinking what if I want to wear them later, and they are gone. Well you know what? I NEVER where them, so I have a couple bags ready for goodwill, and I'm not done yet. Doesn't it feel good to purge that stuff sometimes?
Have a great weekend!

Rebecca  – (10:47 AM)  

thanks for the comment Jodi!!

i have to agree with blossom, fringe is fabu!!!!!

totegirl  – (6:45 PM)  

Watching the game and thinking of you! Go Redskins!!!! WHOOT!

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