steel cut oats

one of the trainers at work told me about a food co-op in the area - he said it had great, organic food and their coconut ice cream was to die for... even though it was close to 95 degrees and i was still in severe, lower back pain - we went and it was a lot of fun... they had a decent-size bulk-food section and i picked up some whole wheat flour, natural granola, and some steel cut oats... we also picked up some ingredients for homemade pizza so that will be our dinner... :o)

since i've never made steel cut oast and have read tons of postings that say how good they are - how does one prepare them? for those of you that have made them, do you have any suggestions? you can email me with any websites or recipes you may have - i'm excited to try them... :o)

and GO REDKINS! nice job! whoo hooo! :o)

carla  – (7:43 PM)  

Im a crockpotter with mine---easy and DONE when I want em in the morning.

a version of this:

they're great if you have a crock pot...the stove top version? Im too lazy to make most times.

sad, I know :)

(go steelers)


Vickie  – (6:24 AM)  

This happened to me with gardening (lower back). Seven years later (yes, 7) I went to see the doctor and I had a disc out. And everything that I had been doing (like heat***) was the wrong thing - for 7 years.A nd all the back positions I had been using (flexing forward) were the wrong positions - for 7 years too.

Knock on wood - I seem to have "fixed" it with physical therapy and do not require surgery at this time. But it was a BAD 7 years when it didn't need to be. And truthfully - I can now (with a disc out) work my core better than I ever did before - the physical therapist really taught me HOW.

***I had even had a seat warmer installed in my car for winter. Yes, the heat made it FEEL better - but it was promoting swelling.

JavaChick  – (9:35 AM)  

I have made steel cut oats - I just make them in a pot on the stove following instructions on the package - which doesn't help you if your package does not have instructions?

The do take longer to cook, so I usually make a batch (4 servings) on a Sunday, or an evening, portion out into containers and put in fridge. That way I can just grab a container in the morning and reheat in microwave. Then add whatever you like - milk, brown sugar if you like, fruit, peanut butter - whatever!

Mark Salinas  – (11:04 AM)  

Your journey is inspiring! Nice site! :)

Teresa  – (1:48 PM)  

Ouch lower back the pain, hope your feeling better soon.

I was fiddling around in the cupboard and came across the steel cut oats this weekend and thought that they should make their return now that cooler weather is on the way. For the life of me I can not remember how to cook them though.

Take care and get better.

Shirls  – (6:10 PM)  

I love oatmeal, the one I eat has steal cut oats and a mix of other things but I just follower the nuker instructions on the bag, so I'm not much help at all.. why I'm even telling you this I have no clue ;0)

carla  – (5:46 AM)  

(made em on the stove yesterday. burnt the crap out of them :) back to my crock.)


Greta  – (7:30 AM)  

I'm a total cheat on the oats- I buy Amy's frozen steal cut oats and mic them. SOO yummy but only takes about 4 minutes. And pretty point friendly too.

Carolyn  – (10:41 AM)  

Ohh you poor thing. Hope you are back in tip top order in no time.

OMG........JODI THAT SPIDER IS TERRIFYING ME. I can't even belieb you would come within 20 feet of it. Eww I feel all itchy now.

abby suzanne  – (1:23 PM)  

I am pretty lazy about my steel cut oats. I microwave water while I brush my teeth and then pour it in the oats (1/4 cup oats to 1/2 cup water) then I stir and let sit while I shower. When i get out of the shower I pour a dash more water in and and mix w/ flax and whatever else I am adding that day. Croc pot sounds like a great idea, i just dont have one.

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