say goodbye to the bob

so what do you think? i LOVE it! of course i'm biased but still... ;o)

p.s. and will you PLEASE eat something... a burger, nachos, pizza - anything!

Shannon  – (10:13 PM)  

LOL! I love the PS comment. I am still laughing about it. The hair looks good on her. I could never pull it of with my big round face.

Sizzle  – (11:51 PM)  

The hair is awesome. The rest? SCARY.

Chris H  – (12:01 AM)  

Gorgeous! And I think she look amazing.. OK... a wee bit skinny... but Amazing anyway.

Kate  – (10:17 AM)  

I think it looks good!

Love your PS lol!

Carolyn  – (10:18 AM)  

I'm pretty sure she'd look super hot with a mohawk...even a mullet.

Cory  – (11:57 AM)  

She really does look good with that haircut. She has the facial structure to wear cuts like that, I don't.
Loved the PS comment!

Take One Stripper Pole  – (2:20 AM)  

Wait that was not a picture of you ... let me check ... yep, you are right ... how could I be wrong ... you look way better than she does! :)

Teresa  – (11:50 AM)  

I'm not a big fan, must agree she needs a good meal or two!

John  – (4:20 PM)  

does she EVER smile?

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