along came a spider

sorry for the lack of posts this week - work was incredibly busy and friday, well, it just kicked my ass to be quite honest... since my boss is on vacation til tuesday - i'm sort of the "go-to" person for everything which means dealing with internal clients, responding to various email requests, helping the other designer with their assignments, as well as juggling my own projects... i feel like i handled everything very well, including a small crisis the president was having, and was very glad when the day was over (even if i stayed late to send yet another work-related email)...

i was NOT glad, however, to still be sore from my workout on wednesday... i seemed to overdo it with my new weight routine and could barely walk (sore quads from various squats, etc.)... even one of the psuedo trainers said, "you better take it easy" and i just laughed... christ, he was right! then yesterday, i think i hurt my back from vacuuming... yes, i said vacuuming... i changed the filter on my bagless upright and it was like trying to push a bulldozer across my carpet (could a new filter really create that much suction?)... now my lowerback is KILLING me and it hurts to get up, lay down, and walk... ugh, i'm not even 40 and my body is just falling apart! thankfully eric has a heating pad so i guess that's what i'll be using for the rest of the day... thank god for lazy days and football... :o(

as for the rest of my weekend - it's been quiet and relaxing here at eric's... we watched "grindhouse" yesterday (not bad) and then decided to take the bike to annapolis for dinner... though i wasn't impressed with the restaurant - it was nice to walking around and look at all the big boats that were docked at the harbor... when we got home, we watched another episode of "long way down" and then stayed up to watch a few skits on SNL... tiny fey did an amazing job as sarah palin - did anyone see it?

the only other exciting thing to happen this weekend was seeing two large spiders, spin their webs on eric's front porch... one must be at least 2 feet in diameter and though the other is not quite as large - it's just as detailed... i tried to get some close-ups though the photos don't do the spiders any justice - they were quite amazing to see and watch... check out their hairy, little legs... :o)

Amazon Alanna  – (1:13 PM)  

Those spiders are gorgeous! I'm glad I'm not the only woman who take pics of spiders.

Sorry to read about your sore legs...

Elephant Steps  – (2:00 PM)  

Hey I saw my first Fall spider last night too. It looked just like that, and was in our arbor that you have to walk through to go to the driveway. I call them crab spiders, and they can get pretty big!!

Tina Fey did a great job, and she got the voice down too. Didn't think the show was that funny though.

Rebecca  – (3:02 PM)  


wanted to say love the new hair-do!

and for someone who's currently going thru her own backissues, i feel for you!

Dee  – (10:39 AM)  

I initially thought you meant the spider was 2 feet in diameter. I felt a little scream starting! Then realized...whew...of course not, it's the web!

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