weekend update

GO REDKINS! what a great way to end the weekend! eric and i had an awesome trip to the harley-davidson factory in york, pa yesterday - though the weather was crappy, it will still worth the drive... they hold an open-house once a year and open up the factory for tours, and even though you get to walk thru the actual buildings - not much is going on production wise... we did find out though that during the week, you can have a more in-depth tour when things are up and running so we plan on going back... after touring 2 separate factories, we walked thru the small museum, watched a 10-minute movie, sat on some bikes, and then bought a few things in the store... a lot of outdoor activities had been canceled because of the weather (including demo-rides of their new models) so we only walked around briefly before leaving and grabbing lunch at the diner down the street... from there, we stopped by to see my brother - my niece got engaged on friday night so he was all excited... her fiance was supposed to be deployed to iraq next year but he found he isn't, so i guess that's why the wedding is in april... either way, it's great news and i'm very happy for her... :o)

as for today - we had a nice sleep-in and then i headed to the grocery store early to beat the crowds... after that, we ran over to the big thrift store and i found 2 pairs of boots, a pair of pants, a cute wrap dress, and a wig (see below)... eric found a weed eater and this huge contraption on a metal cart labeled the "pralinator"... i guess it's a restaurant-type candy machine and when he looked for it online - he found that it retails for almost $3,000... he only paid $40 - you figure out the math! for the rest of the day - i did some laundry, cleaned the bathroom (including the blinds), made oatmeal raisin cookies, and then watched the game... all in all - it was a great weekend... see below for some pics i took including a shocker that i found on friday night... :o)

my first grey hair, are you kidding me?! :o(

some of the harley-davidson museum...

i always thought having a side-car would be fun...

feeling sexy on the harley V-rod...

i wonder how many cups of coffee this mug would hold...

i bought this wig today for $5 - maybe i should grow-out my hair?

not sure if longer-hair works for eric though... ;o)

Elephant Steps  – (10:20 PM)  

Love the pictures and it sounded like you had loads of fun!! That's your first gray? My head is FULL of them!! I had to wait until I was done with the first trimester to dye my hair, and it just about killed me because I had a HUGE skunk strip of gray hair!! Luckily that's done with, and now I have normal hair again.

Kim  – (8:37 AM)  

Sounds like a great weekend!!! I love the wig shots...

Teresa  – (1:20 PM)  

Ohhh Nooo not a grey hair. Weekend sounded fun, have a great week.

Irie_Key  – (2:50 PM)  

If you liked the Harley factory tour, you will need to see the new HD Museum in Milwaukee sometime. Haven't been there myself yet, but from all the photos, video and opening events coverage it appears to be way cool. Fun wig too.

ThickChick  – (10:33 PM)  

Haha! Those wigs are too funny!!

We are on the hunt for a couple of gray or white haired wigs for Halloween.

Angiekay  – (10:37 AM)  

I'm confused, was the wig supposed to be funny? It didn't really look like a funny type wig to me, it looked really good on you (providing you brush it~ha). You wear the short hair well though, so maybe the wig just for a night out.

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