clean as a whistle

hi guys... again, sorry for the lack of posts but between my cable/internet/phone STILL being out and work being crazy, i just haven't had the time... comcast came out on wednesday and proceeded to tell me that the connection between my apartment and the main box was not working - well, doh, thanks for telling me... SO they have to come back out on saturday morning to fix and i hope they do! even though it's been an interesting experience not being "connected", it's been difficult since my cellphone doesn't work that well in my apartment... such is life i guess so wish me luck!

eric's procedure (colonoscopy) is this afternoon so i took the day-off to drive him back and forth... he hasn't had any food since yesterday at 1:30 and had to take these huge horse pills both last night and this morning to "clear things out" in preparation... we were talking last night about where he'd like to have lunch once he's done and he jokingly said, "i want a blommin' onion and steak salad from outback steakhouse"... i hope that's not the case... ;o)

this morning i also ran to IKEA to pick-up a dresser for my niece - luckily, there is one less than 20-minutes from here so got there nice and early... it was nice being able to walk around the store without a huge crowd so i grabbed some large tealights for my bath nights, a new non-stick frying pan, some energy-saving lightbulbs, and new doormats for eric's house... i think i was there/back in about an hour which isn't too shabby... :o)

i'm not sure if i'll be taking the laptop with me today but if not, i should have some time later to catch-up with everyone's blogs... i dread going home tonight since there won't be anything to do but i'm glad that all the good shows don't premier until next week... :o)

happy thursday...

Carolyn  – (2:19 PM)  

Oh God I love Ikea!!

Foo  – (2:27 PM)  

Hey, at least they have "horse pills" now and you don't have to drink the nasty stuff...fingers are crossed that everything goes well for Eric - just had one and it was umcomfortable to say the least. BTW, can't even imagine no internet/cable or phone, yes, I'm that sad and pathetic.

Teresa  – (11:17 AM)  

Why are all Ikea's possessed! It is absolute bedlam here in Montreal. There just never seems to be a good time to go. Hope all goes well at todays procedure. Good luck getting connected. Have a nice weekend.

Sharla Rae  – (3:28 AM)  

Hope the colonoscopy went well.

Thanks for the Bed Head tip, I'll give it a try. I'm loving the mess it up and go cut!

Have a great weekend

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