who know you could get sand there

sorry it's taken me so long to post - i knew my first day back at work would be busy but that's an understatement to say the least... between catching-up on things that happened while i was out, i had several projects in the works plus the annual report is heating up so my day began at 8:00 and ended at 6:30... okay then! BUT i did take an hour and had a nice jog around the lincoln memorial - it was a bit warmer than i was expecting and though i'm feeling VERY slow these days, it was great to have some time to enjoy the sun... like i didn't get enough of that last week but i digress... ;o)

our camping trip was great - we had PERfect weather everyday so who can complain about that... i'll just highlight a few things that happened while we were there (don't want to bore you too much)... after getting there on sunday, we found out the zipper was busted on our screened-in tent... "lets go buy another one," eric said... i just laughed because it was labor day weekend, but wouldn't you know it, we found one at kmart for $50 - yeehaa, problem #1 solved... on monday - eric was having an eye problem and after putting up with the redness and pain for most of the day, we headed to the ER to have someone check it out... after about an hour, the doctor finally came, put some dye in his eye, and there you go - he seemed he had developed an ulcer from wearing contacts... poor guy! after getting his RX filled, eric bought himself a pirate-patch and proceeded to wear that for the next day or so... he also saw an opthamologist twice and once since getting back home - all things are looking much better, thank god, so problem #2 solved... :o)

we seemed to have the most popular campsite too because we had a visitor almost every night (or so it seemed)... a skunk came about 10' from me one night and scared the crap out of me - another one, though much smaller, was trying to get in our trash one morning so they were definitely looking for something to eat... after weds, we didn't see them again so either they found someone else to bother or they moved on... problem #3 solved... :o)

on thursday, the camp hosts were busy driving around the park warning people about the weather and the pending hurricane coming up the east coast... even though we were checking out on saturday anyway, we usually stay for the day and then head home in the evening... well, by friday morning - the weather wasn't looking much better so we packed up everything and spent one more gorgeous day on the beach before heading back a day early... eric was eager to grill ONE MORE TIME though before leaving, so we unpacked the grill, had hotdogs, tortilla chips, and hummus for dinner... and not too soon after hitting the road - it began to rain and didn't stop til early sunday morning... problem #4 solved... :o)

so all in all - it was a great vacation though it always makes me sad when it comes to an end... even though there were some problems in the beginning of the week - we still managed to have a good time, have some great laughs, eat really well, and drink a lot... guess that's what vacations are all about, right? i opted NOT to weigh myself before leaving so i have no idea how much i gained and don't really care... if i didn't go for a jog in the morning, i made sure to take a long walk on the beach everyday (sometimes twice) and we rode our bikes a lot too so i'm hoping things just evened out... now onto some pictures - enjoy! :o)

you'd think we were going for a month...

our lavish campsite (w/the new tent)...

a view of deleware bay...

eric says "arrrrrghhhhh"...

proof that we had overnight "visitors"...

can we look any happier...

who said you can't eat well while on vacation...

this is bob, he came to see us everyday...

the lovely beach grass...

i can't believe how crowded the beach was...

see ya next year, cape henlopen...

Anne  – (10:04 PM)  

I'm so glad you had a good time!
LOVE the pic of you in the sand!!

spunkysuzi  – (10:51 PM)  

Nice pictures and it looks like you had a blast!!

Elephant Steps  – (11:43 PM)  

Oh man great pictures! Looks like so much fun, and the food looks great!! I love that last picture of you!!! :)

Chris H  – (2:57 AM)  

I am green with envy about the beach, it's gorgeous. Camping? Nope! I like me creature comforts too much! Where would I plug in the microwave!

Vickie  – (5:02 AM)  

loved the camping pictures

thank goodness the skunks didn't 'get' you!

glad that you had good weather while you were there and got out before the rain hit! we even had left over rain from the coast here in Indiana!

My husband's mother is 6 hours inland in N Carolina and one time the storm was bad enough to knock her cottage off its foundation...can't imagine being ON the beach - even if it is just the storm leftovers (and not the real thing).

glad you are home - it has been quiet in blog land. . .

Greta  – (8:12 AM)  

oooo, camping at the beach- my absolute FAV thing to do!! It looks like you had a great time, even with the small issues- the sign of a good traveler, roll with it. I love the pirate patch...arrrrrg. Too funny.

we camped once in NY and were visited by a family of skunks. We were sitting at the picnic table after dark and we suddenly felt soft fur on our bare legs. I thought it was the cats and realized- wait a sec, the cats are not camping with us!! Four skunks, just cruising through camp. Scared the bajezuz out of us though.

Kate  – (9:17 AM)  

Glad you had a great time! Looks like a blast!

Caroline  – (11:38 AM)  

What a fantastic trip! I haven't been camping in forever, but your pictures definitely make me want to go!

Teresa  – (12:06 PM)  

What a lovely beach! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Don't work too hard. Welcome home.

eurydice  – (1:09 PM)  

wow, that beach is gorgeous! i'm jealous!

ThickChick  – (1:50 PM)  

What GREAT photos!!!

I am completely shocked that your beach was *SO* deserted, especially in the summer surrounding a holiday weekend! How are you so lucky? The beaches here would have been JAM-PACKED with families and surfers....and the water here is so cold that most people don't dare go in without a wetsuit. At least in the Atlantic you can swim.
Sigh. Anyway, could you hear the jealousy in my tone? ;)

Looks like you had a fabulous time!

JavaChick  – (3:45 PM)  

An ulcer from wearing contacts? Noooo!!!! I don't want to hear things like that (after almost 20 years of contact lens wearing....)

Looks like a great trip though! Makes me sad that summer is almost over and there will be no more camping until next year. :(

the veggie paparazzo  – (3:55 PM)  

That view of the Delaware Bay is gorgeous!

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