lazy day

i love rainy sundays because it makes sleeping-in all that much more satisfying... eric made eggs benedict for breakfast - he had told me about this since we starting dating and that was over 3-years ago... it was very tasty... as for the rest of today - i hope the rain stops so we can change the oil in my car and that's about it... after the full day we had yesterday, it feels good to not have any plans (though i do have THREE magazines to read, ugh!)... :o)

i went to spin class yesterday - thought it was canceled but then they announced a sub had been found... she wasn't very good and she certainly didn't do anything to motivate you - i mean really, how many times can you say, "up... and down... up... and down"... i could've done a much better job and have better music too! ;o)

after that, i headed over to eric's and we proceeded to work on the backyard - we raked, mowed, and pulled-out dead stuff all over the place... looks so much better! the goal is to tear-up half the yard this spring (which is now over-grown beds), plant grass, and have a bigger garden this summer so i'm very excited about having more veggies and fresh herbs... we had gorgeous weather too (low 60s) so we took the harley out in the country for about 2 hours, felt great to be out though when the sun was hiding behind clouds - it got a bit chilly! dinner was marinated steaks on the grill, potatoes that had cooked in the coals, and veggie kabobs! mmm mmm... :o)

we also watched a movie called '30 days of night' - i'm a sucker for horror films and have to say, it wasn't that bad... though it wasn't in the same league as say, 'the grudge' or 'the ring,' the special effects were good and the cinematography was pretty nice... think alaska, snow, total darkness, and shrieking vampires... ;o)

enjoy the rest of your weekend...

Amuldoon  – (11:36 AM)  

It should be noted that I am incredibly jealous that you are 'digging/pulling/raking' whilst we're still stuck in FEET of snow! ;)

Sounds like a delightful weekend Jodester!

Sliding Scale  – (6:31 PM)  

Yard work is great exercise and you went to a spinning class - good for you.

We also ride - well I ride while my husband drives.

Chris H  – (11:46 PM)  

What a neat weekend you seem to have had.... horror movies and all! I don't like horror movies, I'm a chicken. Sundays...mean housework BIG TIME for us right now with trying to sell our house.... can't wait till I can sleep in again!

TrixieBelden  – (12:55 AM)  

your time outside in the garden sounds lovely. i used to volunteer with the central park conservancy and plant flowers and pull weeds and stuff. it was fun and so nice to be outside when the weather is getting nice. i hope you have wonderful veggies and herbs this spring/summer!

Living to Feel Good  – (3:12 AM)  

Sounds like a lovely weekend. You know what is husband and dad put up a new fence in the back part of our garden, and we got it ready to start a veggie garden too!!

Christina  – (10:10 AM)  

what a great Sunday...breakfast made by your man..can he call up mine and give him some ideas :)

Teresa  – (11:25 AM)  

Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Oh to be out in the yard! Winter continues in these parts. I'm green with envy.

Kate  – (12:18 PM)  

I've been to spinning twice. The first time I had the most awesome leader and she was so motivating, and I got such a great workout. On the other hand the second time, it was the exact opposite! I've never been back, it's amazing what a difference the instructor makes

eurydice  – (5:55 PM)  

have you never had eggs benedict before? you were missing out!

Caroline  – (9:41 PM)  

I so can't do horror movies. I have a long story about The Ring and me on a bus in college that I'll have to tell you about. It involved a friend reaching his hand through the seats to grab my should right when the girl crawled out of the TV. I screamed, cried, haven't watched a horror movie since. Chris thought the whole thing was hilarious until he realized I was crying. Then he felt REALLY bad. :)

I really need a day like your Saturday - full of just getting things done. I love days like that!

Takeonestripperpole  – (12:49 AM)  

I am so jealous! I had to work a fund raiser and my feet are still recovering!

Candace  – (9:00 AM)  

Sounds like an awesome weekend. My husband is so determined to get a motorcycle. It is cold and windy here - winter is flexxing her muscles today. I keep saying "Not long now, Not long now."

CaRoLyN  – (10:14 AM)  

Happy late Birthday! The fruit concoction is AMAZING! Wowsa! Your Mom is a regular little Martha Stewart!

I love lazy weekends. So nice to just cuddle up and putter around the house. Haven't had one of those in a while though. It's not the sdame when the sun is shining outside!

30 days of night scared the living crap out of me. What's with the female vampire? Everytime she came on at the theatre, I totally hid under my hat. I dreampt about that for days. But I'm a sucker and I keep going back for more.

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