i was totally expecting a gain or at the very least a maintain this week, considering i drank my weight in orange juice this weekend and was out of town (which is always a challenge food-wise)... losing .4 pounds to some may not be much but for me - it's a huge accomplishment considering how i've felt lately... i only managed ONE trip to the gym last week so if i had exercised more, perhaps the loss would've been greater but who knows - i've had weeks where i exercised like crazy and didn't lose an ounce! anyway, i did manage 25-minutes on the treadmill yesterday and felt a little better so today will be weights... :o)

i'm feeling pretty close to normal today so that's a relief, even though i've been reading WAY to much info about taking synthroid and what the possible side-effects could be... my friend (who got married last summer) has been taking it and she told me that within the first 6 weeks - she was losing hair, her moods were all out-of-whack, and her sex-drive was zero - YIKES! she's always been very sensitive to meds so i'm hoping my case won't be that bad but it's still a bit scary... after i go back in 6-weeks to have my levels checked out, i may make an appt. to see an endocrinologist since that is what they specialize in... might as well add another doctor to my ever-growing list, right... ;o)

as i was browsing some websites yesterday, i came across this list of 5 things you can do to achieve wellness... since i thought it could easily be applied to losing weight or trying to be more healthy in general, i wanted to share it with you...


The 5 Ms
The first M is MIND
Before you can accomplish any goal, you must set your mind to the task. If you are not mentally ready you will fail.

The second M is MOUTH
What you eat or do not eat, affects every cell in your body, therefore the next M is mouth. Food is not an option; it is a prescription to nourish your tender and wonderful cells.

The third M is MOTION
The body was meant to move and last a lifetime. What you don't use, you will surely lose! I will be giving you simple ways to exercise in the future.

The fourth M is MOTIVATION
In order to stay focused toward your goal, you must maintain motivation.

The final M is MAINTENANCE
Keeping the treasure of good health and maintaining good health is the ultimate goal, and in some ways is more difficult that than the process of getting there.


work has been steadily busy and has helped take my mind of things, i seem to worry and get more stressed out when there's less to do... i am also working very hard at not feeling guilty for taking a day off - whether because i'm sick or for personal/family reasons... i have almost 7 weeks of vacation and 4 weeks of sick-time to use, and i plan on taking advantage of it more often - mental vacations are just as important as physical ones... ;o)

happy hump day!

Sizzle  – (12:16 PM)  

Those are some good 5 Ms- I will have to keep them in mind. :)

Anonymous –   – (12:35 PM)  

Those 5 Ms are terrific! I need to keep those in mind.

Dawn  – (2:02 PM)  

Those 5 M's are right now. Especially teh first one!! Take advantage of that time off that you have. It sounds like you might need it.

Rebecca  – (3:43 PM)  

yeah for the loss!!

thanks for sharing the 5 M's..I'll have to write those down and post them everywhere!

Dee  – (4:19 PM)  

Great job on the loss! And try not to stress about the meds, remember everyone reacts differently.

Kate  – (4:28 PM)  

Good Job on the loss. Your so close to goal, that's a great loss period! And even better considering what you've been going through, Kudos to you!

Shirls  – (7:46 PM)  

.4 is a big deal! I really like the "M" list, thanks for sharing!

Sharla Rae  – (9:26 PM)  

Thanks for sharing the M list! I really liked it!

Take the time off!

Grumpy Chair  – (9:43 PM)  

Great list! Sorry you have been under the weather - hope you get to feeling better soon. And congratulations on the .4 pound loss - a loss is a loss is a loss! Celebrate each ounce lost is my motto.

Kim  – (10:11 PM)  

Thanks for the great list!!

Down .4 is still a loss. :) I hope that you feel better soon!!

->cara  – (10:13 PM)  

you're really fighting a strong battle, there... your thyroid is messed up, so you're more likely to gain weight because of the imbalance... you are stressed out at work as well as with your condition and we all know stress will help you gain weight... you're not exercising very much... you haven't had a day off in what appears to be a VERY long time... you should get a trophy for losing .4!!!! with all those factors against you, you still lost!!! that deserves a big "WOOHOO!!" in my book.

Living to Feel Good  – (2:57 AM)  

I always love your lists! The Ms are great! Congrats on your loss!!

Takeonestripperpole  – (11:30 AM)  

Heck with everyhting you have been through .4 can feel like 5 lbs! Way to go! So glad to hear you are feeling better! I think you will be just fine on the meds ... positive thinking is the way to go! ;)

Teresa  – (12:06 PM)  

Well done considering you've been feeling ill! Glad to see you are finally starting to feel better. Thanks for sharing the 5 M's. Take care.

ThickChick  – (3:28 PM)  

Congrats on your loss!!

Love the M's.... Need to keep a few of those at the forefront of my thoughts more often.

I can't BELIEVE you have SEVEN weeks of paid vacation stored up!!! How does this happen? How many are you given a year? I only get 2 per year and I think it is totally $h%^ty because it is never enough.

Girl, you and your fella need to buy some plane tickets and go somewhere warm for a week to relax, go for walks, etc. It must have been AGES since you've done anything resembling that if you have SEVEN weeks of PTO stored up.

Haha, my 2 cents. I'm so jealous of all that PTO!

TrixieBelden  – (9:18 PM)  

congrats on your loss and thanks for the 5Ms - i really like them.

Christina  – (9:00 PM)  

Hey Jodi
You still rock and have been doing great, I started blogging again so come check out my site when you can

Lilianna's mommy  – (8:54 AM)  

Great 5 Ms. Our weigh-ins this week were almost identical :) Hope you're feeling better, it seems to be going around everywhere, I'm bracing myself for my turn!

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