and back up we go - 1 pound gain this week - can't be lucky all the time, right? i'm cool with it, weigh-in wasn't really my focus this week... should be though since i wanted to reach goal by next month but hey - sometimes life just gets in the way... ;o)

eric took me to dinner tonight, sort of a late valentine's day and birthday present... we went to the place that we had our first 'real' date (meaning not a bar) so it was nice to go back... we had calamari, side salad, i had the shrimp and crab over penne pasta, and he had the fettuccine which was amazing... i only had one glass of wine and NO dessert but this will definitely be my splurge meal for the week... i'm glad i went to the gym after work - though jogging was rough, i stayed on the treadmill for 45 minutes... :o)

work is still busy - my boss wants to take me to lunch next week to talk about some things... not sure what that means but i'll stay optimistic that it's something good... :o)

sorry to keep this short but eric is here and i need to get lunches made for tomorrow... since i didn't eat but half of my dinner, i have something to look forward too tomorrow night... oh, and watching LOST... :o)

THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes and happy hump day...

TrixieBelden  – (11:05 PM)  

happy belated birthday! :)

Kim  – (11:12 PM)  

Sounds like a wonderful dinner!!! mmmm mmmm. I'm glad you're not sweating the gain. It is but a blip on the radar my friend! :)

Living to Feel Good  – (4:47 AM)  

LOST is getting soooo good!! That dinner sounds amazing Jodi!! A splurge worth having I say!! :D

marie  – (9:06 AM)  

sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

Cara  – (10:28 AM)  

awww sounds like a super cute and tasty dinner :-)

HappyBlogChick  – (11:09 AM)  

Mmmmmm, the food sounds yummy!

Sorry about the gain - but you know it'll be gone in a flash when you do decide it's time to focus on it.

Teresa  – (11:34 AM)  

Yeah for doggie bags, I too have one for my lunch. Too bad about the gain, but I'm sure you will have that gone by next week. Glad to see your DB took you out to celebrate. Don't work too hard.

Kate  – (4:41 PM)  

Hey the ups come with the downs right? Cycle of Weight Loss...and life. Good job on not beating yourself down over it.

Christina  – (10:06 AM)  

don't worry about the gain, just stay positive and keep up the great work

Sonya  – (10:27 AM)  

Sounds like a yummy and romantic dinner. With your hard work, that pound will be a teeny blip gone by next week.

If the boss is taking you out for lunch, my bet is that it's something good.:-)

Takeonestripperpole  – (1:08 AM)  

Sorry I missed the blog birthday joy! And that pound will melt away!

->cara  – (7:49 PM)  

Sorry to hear about the gain. I gained a half a pound last week for no good reason. I never know why I lose or gain weight when I do the same thing over and over (lost 2.5 lbs this week, go figure).

The dinner sounded awesome! I haven't had real pasta on over a year! I've almost forgotten what it tastes like.

I always cut my food portions in half when we go out to eat, but I never get anything to go anymore. I'm afraid it will sit in the fridge haunting me until I eat it. I figure I'm over indulging by eating the meal and I can justify it by cutting the portions but if I take the rest home, I might as well have eaten the whole meal.

Ugh!! What am I to do??

Sliding Scale  – (9:48 PM)  

Happy belated birthday, sounds like a great night.

Vickie  – (6:11 AM)  

I am getting caught up on reading - happy belated birthday to you - loved the fruit arrangment!!!

Shelley  – (1:21 PM)  

Hi Jodi...Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I didn't get to saying it on your actual bday. I saw your fruit bouquet....looks wonderful and yummilicious! I would have happily dug into that.

Your dinner sounded really nice. I haven't gone out to eat in the longest, longest time.

And you are right...sometimes life does get in the way. It happens. At least you didn't let life be an excuse to going crazy with the diet...as I have been known to do before.

Hugs to you...and enjoy Lost. I adore that show. I can't wait to see how everything turns out. It's one of those great shows that you have to pay attention ALL the time...or you miss everything.


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