6 really means 9

man am i sleepy... the contractor was supposed to be at our house at 6:00am, but i told eric that will never happen... and it didn't... so we're leaving early and meeting him after work instead... thanks, buddy... they made HUGE progress on the bathroom yesterday - like the whole thing is gutted and ready to go (i will post photos later)... eric and i have to run to lowes to pick-up some stuff that i ordered (new vanity light and shower fixture) as well as look at their tile, sinks, paint, and toilets... who knew it would be this much work, but honestly - i love it... though i had originally wanted brushed nickel fixtures - i have swapped to chrome because the cross-bar porcelain handles for the shower are very hard to find in a dull finish... such is life...

last night my friend, daisy, and i went to the melting pot for dinner... that place just rocks and that's all i have to say... we had the usual 4-courses: cheese, salad, entree, and dessert - they even stuck a candle in the cheesecake since i had told them it was her birthday... and to top the evening off, i got a coupon for a free chocolate fondue! excellent! =)

no time for the gym today (leaving early), but am going to spin class tomorrow... =)

oh, and on the weight front - i'm down a pound this week (no, i'm not trying to lose weight)... so my total pregnancy gain so far is --> 14 pounds... =)

as for the weekend - my laundry list is long, but it's manageable and hopefully we can work around the whole bathroom thing... i'd like to go pick some sour cherries and blueberries with my mom and we HAVE to get our honeymoon photos posted online... it's been almost a month and no progess has been made... and no progress on my wedding album either, but that's another story... ;)

hope you have a great weekend! =)

Teresa  – (11:19 AM)  

Good to hear the renovations are going smoothly. Its always more work than expected. But your efforts will be well worth the effot. So much to do, so little time; seems to be the rule of thumb theses days. Keep well.

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