are you kidding?

happy sunday! our plans for making beer-can chicken for dinner were foiled when i took the chicken out of the fridge and realized it was still frozen... ugh, i hate when that happens... it doesn't help that i spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen prepping things for the week and was looking forward to eric handling dinner, but alas - we'll be having it another night instead... i'm still roasting veggies, but will making a salad and bought a baguette while at the store and some goat cheese... just hate when you're REALLY looking forward to something and then it doesn't pan-out... =(

on a more positive note - i DID get my ass to the gym yesterday for spinning... =)

we've also hired the guy that painted our house to redo our bathroom (he actually specializes in tile)... it won't be cheap, unfortunately, since he said it's better to redo all the walls so everything's even - who knows what things look like under the tile... they will start demolition on thursday so i'll make sure and take progress pics... =)

i've also been getting estimates on having my great aunt's couch & chair redone... it's in pretty good shape considering how old it is, but the fabric is outdated and the springs are going... i called another place yesterday and it ends up that the owner knew my dad and remembers us coming in to the shop when i was little... talk about a small world! i do too actually, so we had a nice conversation - i emailed him some pictures so hopefully his price will be cheaper than the first one i got... i know reupholstery is expensive, but damn - buying something new would be cheaper! =(

sounds like we have a lot going on and yes, i agree... i told eric that regardless if we spend money now (before the baby) or after - we're still going to spend money... i think getting some of the bigger stuff done this summer will be great because then it will be less to worry about this winter... and if eric does find a job in pittsburgh in the next year or so - we'll have less to redo before putting the house on the market... i WOULD also like to enjoy the new bathroom and kitchen while i can... =)

well, that's about it for me - hope you're having a great weekend!

Teresa  – (12:51 PM)  

Hope the renos go well. Better to get them done and out of the way before baby. Keeping fingers crossed that you get a good price for the furniture. Everyone seems to be rather busy these days. Keep well.

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