yes, this is me

i know these photos aren't very flattering or show that much, but they are the most recent ones i have (this morning actually)... this is one of the dresses that i bought at kohls a few months back, before i was really showing - now, it's pretty obvious and i hope i can wear it a few more times before it gets too small (it's a size large)... my pantyhose, on the other hand, are definitely too small and aren't that comfortable - they may be coming-off later today... as for my weight - i forgot to do it this morning so i'll have to do it tomorrow instead - lets hope i didn't gain another magic 5-pounds... =)

since the bathroom demolition begins tomorrow - i was busy last night cleaning out the closet and trying to find a place for everything... we also have to put up the door to the basement (since that's where the kitties will be living during the day) and move some furniture in the LR... i also need to order the wall cabinet today and see if i can find anymore faucets that have the white, porcelain handles (that say hot and cold)... if any of you know a good website, please pass it along... =)

everyday when i get home, there's been a package for me... i ordered some new workout gear that will fit my ever-expanding belly and keep me motivated to workout (great sale at i also got the nursery bedding which is just adorable - i will have some decisions to make about how to paint the walls since the blue in the bedding is almost the same as the blue i want for the bathroom... call me crazy, but i can't have the same color in 2 different rooms so i'm not sure what to do... i could always do brown on the bottom, but then it would be the same as our DR... ugh... any suggestions?

and on the food front - i've been doing pretty well i think... eric made beer can chicken last night and it came out fabulous (see below)! i also made smashed potatoes with that buttermilk dressing i made the other night and roasted veggies... talk about yummy! =)

happy hump day!

Kim  – (2:13 PM)  

You look adorable Jodi!!! :)

Sizzle  – (7:52 PM)  

Such a cute belly!

rico  – (9:32 AM)  

You're beautiful darlin!



Teresa  – (10:03 AM)  

You look lovely! Take care,hope the renos go smoothly.

sharla  – (2:01 PM)  

I like the blue and brown combo, that way, it wouldn't be the same as another room, but still colors you like.
I have the painting itch-my LR has been the same for 4 years now and that is a record for me-I think it's the summer time change of decor time!

Love the dress!!!

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