that looks like sh*t

yesterday ended better than it started, but that wasn't without another breakdown once i got home... eric was like, "before you go into the bathroom, i just want you to know that i want ramiro to fix some things"... great... i knew one of the corner, horizontal seams was a bit large, but seeing it grouted made it stand out even more... it looks horrible and very unprofessional, and with the darker glass tile - it was very obvious that it's wrong... i laid on the bed cried... then i got myelf cleaned-up and went to home depot to buy paint, a wall register cover, and some light switches - spending money always makes me feel better (insert sarcasm)... when i got back - eric called the guy and told him how unhappy we were and that he needs to figure out how to fix it... i have just enough glass tile for him to redo that wall, if needed and hopefully he can make it right... my whole issue is that i refuse to pay someone, a lot of money, especially if they say tile is their expertise... to be continued... 

the rest of my evening was okay - we watched 'aliens' for a while, had leftover chicken enchiladas for dinner, and then i went to bed... feeling better today, thank goodness, and we have plans to hit both home depot AND lowes after work... lets hope they have, what we need, in-stock...

happy tuesday...

p.s. no gym yesterday but i WILL be going today... must stay active!

Teresa  – (11:01 AM)  

Awww I hope you get it sorted out. May your Wednesday go more smoothly.

Foo  – (3:09 PM)  

oh no...sorry that the tile/grout issued happened. I don't blame you, nobody wants to pay if the work doesn't measure up. Hope today is a better day.

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