I GAINED 10 POUNDS THIS MONTH! HOLY SH*T! even though i didn't weigh myself before we left, please tell me some of that was from our honeymoon... ugh, i'm not handling this whole "gain weight while pregnant" thing... and yes, i know it's temporary but when you've been struggling to lose weight, for what seems like your whole adult life, this is just plain hard... it's hard seeing my body get bigger, instead of smaller... it's hard putting on clothes that fit 2 weeks ago and now suddenly, they don't... it's hard to not eat because i feel like i'm starving the baby... please tell me this is normal and that i'm not crazy and that all pregnant women go through this? =(

besides gaining a lot of weight (gulp), the sonogram went well and the doctor said everything looked great and that i'm measuring perfectly... he said that i should start to feel movement too, but more of a "flutter/flicker" type thing and mostly at night or in the morning when i'm bed... i AM very thankful that things have been going so well, and hope i don't sound ungrateful or anything because i'm not... =)

our weekend was good, but very busy... we hit some yard sales on saturday then went to a friend of mine's post-wedding party downtown... this was the first time that most of my friends had seen me since we told them the "news" so it was fun catching-up and getting advice from the experienced moms... eric spent the rest of the day working on the bike (all the tins were repainted) and i spent a few hours packing up clothes, doing laundry, cleaning, and going to the store... yesterday, we put in my mom's a/c and then had dinner w/eric's brother - finally got to meet their new dogs, sparky and buster... all in all, it was a great weekend... =)

this week is busy for me - lots of doctor appointments and i'm sure work will pick-up again... i MUST keep to my workout schedule and go every day this week - there's no excuse and i can't keep putting it off... i came in late today and would normally skip going after work, but there's no reason why i should... it's good for me, it's good for the baby, and that's all that i should be focusing on from here on out... i just can't understand why it's so hard (minus the fact i've gained so much weight)... maybe that's it...

well, enough of my rambling... hope your monday is going well...

Sizzle  – (4:32 PM)  

I swear that will happen to me too. I will finally get to a weight I can live with/feel happy with and I will get pregnant. I've joked to Mr. Darcy about it. (I'm secretly worried though I don't think it would trump my happiness at having a child.)

cinemarie  – (7:51 PM)  

I'm happy to hear you talk about the weight - well, I mean because I am going through the same thing and it's nice to see that I'm not alone:) I was on WW for 2 years and had maintained a 35 lbs lost, I am 25 weeks pregnant now and have gained 40 lbs already. Not cool. And it's not flattering weight either, it goes on everywhere, not just the belly. It's tough to see your shape change like that, when you're so used to working hard to lose/maintain... so yeah, I think you are definitely normal :)
Keep working out for sure - not only does it help with weight gain, but it is just so good for your body and soul :) You're doing great :)

Vickie  – (12:58 AM)  

On the calories topic -

FEED THE BABY whole foods.

do not eat whatever you are hungry for, whenever your mind thinks of it, just because you are pregnant. I think that is a common pit fall for many women. Maybe it is because people associate pregnancy with cravings.

Teresa  – (11:41 AM)  

Glad to hear all is well with baby. I agree 100% with Vickie's advice. Perhaps a visit with a Dietitian might put your mind at ease.

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