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if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that i'm a fan of kohls and tend to do a lot of my shopping there (plus they're always having a sale or sending me coupons)... slickdeals.net had a 30% code today, so i hopped onto their site and managed to score some great deals... i picked-up a few dresses (3:4 were under $10), some shirts, a pair of shorts, and some polos for eric... grand total was $135 for 14 items = $9.65 each... not bad, not bad at all... =)

my doctor's appointment went well yesterday, though my cholesterol is high (he says because of being pregnant) and my vitamin D was on the low side... i'll be taking a supplement along with my prenatal and some extra folic acid... i've gained 20-pounds since my last physical (may '09) but most of that is baby, and he said i should be aiming for 2-pounds a month at this point... i've already gained more than half of what the target-weight gain is (20-25 pounds) so i need to be careful and make sure i keep exercising... he also proceeded to tell me that he's known women who have gained 100+ pounds and to me, that's just not right nor healthy... my blood pressure and sugar-levels were perfect so all-in-all, not a bad appointment...=)

after i left, i headed straight for the gym and did 45-minutes on the elliptical... then went to baja fresh where i got a chicken salad with the sour cream and guacamole on the side... i had no intention of eating the fried shell, but they are too damn good and i ate the whole thing... next time, i'm ordering it sans-shell... =(

tomorrow is a busy one - spin class, then haircut, then back home so the guy can finish a few things around the house... eric is taking his exam (been in training all week) and will be gone for most of the day - i've barely seen him this week since he gets home late every night... sunday, we have plans to go through our trip pictures and finally get them posted - sounds like it will be rainy, so that will be the perfect thing to work on...

hope you have a great weekend... =)

Katie J  – (2:09 PM)  

Glad your appt. went well. Must be a relief.

Cute dresses! I was thinking about going to Kohl's on my lunch hour.

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