tired of peeing downstairs

wow, i didn't realize that it had been almost a week since i last posted... the bathroom remodel is going slower than expected - the tile was put down on friday and then the grout on saturday... that's it for weekend work and i'm a bit unhappy about that, so eric's going to talk to the guy tonight and see what's going on... i would hope it's done by this coming weekend since i'd like to get the house back in-shape before we move onto the kitchen... it's also becoming more annoying during the night when i have to pee since our other bathroom is downstairs... =(

we've decided to do a tile floor since we already have wood in the LR and DR - adding yet another kind/color in the kitchen wouldn't look as nice (all 3 rooms are next to each other)... the guy already gave us a price for laying the tile (we'd buy the supplies again) and he said it wouldn't take longer than a week (removal of old floor, new subfloor, lay the tile, grout, and then seal)... as for the countertops - i'm going with a black granite and have contacted about 6 companies for estimates (go me!)... still waiting on 2 more quotes and then we'll be able to make a decision and maybe get the ball rolling next week... exciting indeed!

i'm also getting my antique couch and chair redone for the LR... unfortunately, this will not be a cheap job but it was my great aunt's (mom's side) and i've been told, in so many words, that i can't get rid of it... even though i can probably buy 5 new pieces for the same cost - it's nice to have something that's been passed-down and hopefully enjoyed for many years to come...

my mom and i did some thrift-store shopping saturday, and also hit kohl's and lowe's... she is not the best person to go maternity clothes shopping with because everytime i'd say i didn't like a shirt or dress - she'd get mad... i know that i need to dress differently now, but that doesn't mean i have to wear something that's ugly... meanwhile, my sister sent me a package with some baby clothes and 3, very cute maternity shirts - i told her that i wished mom had the same taste as she did... =)

well, work has been quiet and i'm going to take advantage of the boss being out and hit the gym late today... i had a great spin class on saturday too - she really kicked our butts!

happy monday...

Teresa  – (9:19 AM)  

Renos always take longer than estimated. Hopefully you get everything sorted out to your liking. I'm sure it will all be worth the effort in the end.

There's so many cute maternity clothes and speciality shops out there that wearing something ugly is not necessary. It seems that fitting shirts are more flattering as to the loose baggy style. Baggy just makes you look bigger. (This according to DD and I would have to agree) Enjoy getting yourself outfitted.

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