dreading the summer/winter clothes swap

nothing's worse than coming back to work after vacation - thank goodness eric and i took off yesterday just to unwind and have a day of non-travel... as i said before i left, i made sure to get exercise in everday (minus sunday when we came home), the hotel had a decent treadmill so i jogged for 30 mins each day and we also did a bunch of walking... as for food, i think i'll give myself a 7 - i did well w/breakfast and lunch but dinners were at the farm and i made the best choices i could... even at the wedding, i took some cake but after 3 bites (and boy were they good!), i threw the rest out... not bad huh... i did partake in some drinking too but nothing overboard so we'll see how the scale reacts tomorrow, no use worrying about it since i had a great time! :o)

the trip was great, we had no issues flying whatsoever so that made things nice... we spent a lot of time on the farm with all the horses and eric's huge extended family consisting of his parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins... the weather was quite hot though and in the 90s most days and the only time it rained was sat night, after the wedding thankfully... we took a roadtrip w/some of his family to galveston one day - our goal was to hit the beach but because we had others with us, that didn't happen (we did use the pool at the hotel though)... sat evening was the wedding and it was beautiful - for a civic ceremony it was quite nice and afterwards there was plenty of eating, drinking, and dancing... all in all, it was a great trip and speaking of - i found out that i need to use almost 2 weeks of vacation before the end of the year before i lose it... yikes!

tonight's plans consist of picking up my new case from eric, hitting the grocery store, library, laundry, and then putting together my design samples for thursday's meeting... i had a 2nd place contact me while on vacation but the salary was too low so i said thanks, but no thanks... hopefully things will pick-up soon...

anyway, i'll continue w/my dares tomorrow - i left the book at home... sorry!

happy tuesday...

p.s. whoo hooo! the skins won this week! :o)

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