weigh-in wednesday

another week where i thought i would gain for sure because of using all my flex points, eating pizza AND not exercising on sun/tues... not that i feel guilty for the pizza (because it WAS good) but i'm sure i didn't need to eat the whole thing (size small)... as most of you know when things are going good, there's a tendancy to start slipping - a little here, a little there... this is what i'm going to focus on overcoming in the next few weeks - i don't want to constantly guess how my body is going to react to food/exercise... just because i didn't gain this week, doesn't mean i could do the same thing next week and have the same result... this weekend will be a big test for me since we'll be in texas and attending a lot of family events, including a BBQ and wedding on a horse ranch... my exercise clothes are packed, there's a gym at the hotel and my ass will be there every, single morning... :o)

anyone catch the new show, studio 60... love, love, loved it... nice to see something new and fresh on tv this year, and lets hope people keep watching...

yesterday i responded to another job posting, the guy emailed me back this morning and we're trying to set something for next week... my new portfolio arrived at eric's office today, he said it looks pretty darn snazzy, so now i just need to get everything mounted on black matboard (that's not a brochure, report, newsletter, or publication)... so much for taking monday off, i'll be busy doing this instead and sleeping in for sure...

i've been reading the book the daring females guide to ecstatic living (natasha kogan) and thought i would share one every day... its been a great read so far and it really makes you think about how to challenge yourself, regardless of how small/big the task may be...

dare #1: find out what makes you ecstatic, and do it for at least 10 minutes a day

doing something for yourself will put a positive affect on the rest of your day... we are so consumed by i should/i must/i have too's, that we forget to do things we enjoy... read a book, paint, do yoga/pilates, go for a walk, call a friend, take a bath, try a new recipe, listen to your favorite cd, meditate, spend time w/someone you love, play w/your kids, or play w/your pet...

i bid you adieu until next week... i hope everyone had a great hump day and a great rest of the week...:o)

Dee  – (2:45 PM)  

Hi Jodi, thanks for your comments on my blog. I thought when I stopped getting weighed in (at WW)that I wouldn't have that motivation, you know? I always felt like a student being praised by my teacher when I had a loss, and terribly guilty when I had a gain.

I was pleased to find that I still have the motivation to see that number go down, only it's not nerve wracking anymore because I'm the only one who sees it!

I just wanted to agree with your comments about "guessing" what your body is going to do. I've fallen many times into the trap of..."well, I had 10 brownies last week and I still lost, so I'm sure it's okay to have a bag of cookies this week" only to step on the scale and find out way too late that what happened last week has NO bearing on what will happen this week. I think I've finally figured that one out!

Anyway, good luck with the challenge you've got coming up with the wedding etc!

FAT BITCH  – (5:12 PM)  

Hi Jodi :)

Interesting companion. ;)

You sound like you are truly mind-ready for not only tackling your eating program but also for what is coming up this weekend. Good for YOU!

Thank you for sharing your positivity from that book that you are reading. Every one's a worthwhile one and people should do these things much more. :)

~Les  – (9:43 AM)  

I need to take your advice, Jodi, and find something that makes me ecstatic. :0)

Cool new theme on the blog, and LOVE the pic.


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