the redskins totally blow

i was looking forward to monday since i feel more in control of my food/exercise... i'm sure most of us feel that way, maybe its because i'm at work and have limited choices but it just seems more simplified... i didn't do too bad at my sister's this weekend - i managed an hour-long walk on saturday morning and kept track of my food, even though i'm sure i've used all my flex points... cardio is done for the day and so will pilates once i get home - its turning out pretty well so far... i have no idea how weigh-in will go on wednesday so i'll just keep as close to 22 points/day as i can... speaking of weightloss, there are a few of you that did awesome this week so i'd like to share your success with others... :o)

weight watchers eh?
kim under construction
think off the fat mentality
ww for life

so besides being monday, the skins got their asses kicked last night by the cowboys (27-10) and ladies, it was not pretty... its hard to believe we beat them last season which was probably the best game of the year but last night, it was just a big, fat, penalty mess... they better to well next week or i may have to switch teams and become a steelers fan (yikes!)... they seem to know how to play football...

hard to believe we leave for texas on thursday, i have so much to do between now and then... in between all that stuff, i'm going to the foot doctor tomorrow to see what he suggests about a reoccuring pain in my right foot... i've had 3 surgeries on that foot alone (2 morton nueromas and 1 hammertoe) and its just never been the same since... my 4th toe seems to really enjoy hiding under the middle one and i think its causing the problem but we'll see what he says... i dread having surgery again esp. since its only been 2 years but maybe the 2nd time will be better... i also hate to think about not being able to exercise and gaining weight during recovery - how lame is that?!?!

have a good monday...

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