it was quite chilly on my walk to work this morning,from the metro, but i love the crisp fall air.. makes me enjoy being outside even more, regardless of how my allergies are acting up... eric wants to do yardwork this weekend so i'm hoping the weather cooperates, they say it may rain but let's hope it doesn't... i've had noting to do here at work so i've read my blogs, sent a few emails, had lunch, and am now just waiting for 2:00 so i can go to the gym... wish my boss would leave early so i can finish reading oprah...

anyway, i copied the list of dares from the book i am reading and challenge you all to pick at least one and do it this weekend... on monday, let's report back here and share our experiences...

have a great weekend everyone... GO REDSKINS AND STEELERS! :o)

30 Dares for a More Gutsy and Fulfilling Life
(written by Natasha Kogan)

Daily Daring Habits

  1. Dare to find what makes you ecstatic, and do it for at least 10 minutes a day
  2. Date to learn something new every day
  3. Dare to do now what you could do later
  4. Dare to look forward more often than you look back
  5. Dare to stop frustration with action

Dream Huge, Aim Higher

  1. Dare to have a life wish list and cross something off every year
  2. Dare to chase your passions
  3. Dare to bite off more than you can chew, but learn how to spit
  4. Dare to imitate people who inspire you
  5. Dare to be the person you dream of being

Let Your Inner Daring Female Shine Through

  1. Dare to love your quirks and imperfections
  2. Dare to learn how to do something amazingly well and show it off
  3. Dare to be more creative
  4. Dare to not label yourself
  5. Dare to take side, but ready to switch

Have No Fear

  1. Dare to ignore naysayers
  2. Dare to take life detours
  3. Dare to take risks if you can live with the worst-case scenario
  4. Dare to revel in the awesome-case scenario
  5. Dare to un-intimidate yourself

It’s Your Daring Life

  1. Dare to do something you don’t think you’re good at once in a while
  2. Dare to unclutter your life (at least) once a year
  3. Dare to get on the train first and then worry about where it’s going
  4. Dare to live it, not count it
  5. Dare to dedicate six weeks a year to forming a new habit (or kicking one you can’t stand)

Laugh a Little, Live a Lot

  1. Dare to have outrageous amounts of fun
  2. Dare to laugh at yourself
  3. Dare to color outside the lines
  4. Dare to just get in a good mood
  5. Dare to share your special vibes with the world

snackiepoo  – (7:34 PM)  

Thanks for the inspirational post!

Living to Feel Good  – (1:21 AM)  

Oh how I love the crisp cool mornings. Can't wait for that weather to get here. I want to be cold at night and warm up under my bed too!! I miss it.

Ro  – (12:23 PM)  

Thanks for the uplifiting post and the tips on your site. I really needed it!

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