funky friday

blah, i didn't go the gym during lunch since its 'clean-up' day in our dept. and my boss wanted to go out... i didn't want to look like an idiot/snob by saying no, so i chose the pasta fajole and a piece of multi-grain baquette (au bon pain)... according to my points, i'm at 22 already so i'll have to dip into flex points for dinner - CRAP!... i know i should've skipped the bagel this morning but that is my weekly treat and i'm not going to feel guilty about it... so i'm just going to make an even better effort at walking both sat/sun while visiting my sister - i may need jacket though, its much colder where she is... its really beginning to feel like fall, my friends... :o)

i'm now registered for pilates and was surprised to see a $14 credit on my account - that's awesome since the price of the class went up almost $20 from the last session... i may look into taking another class but only if i can afford it... kickboxing sounds fun but that would mean classes m/w/f and not sure if i'm up for all that at once... know what i mean...

challenge update: i've had ONE person comment that they may be interested in doing it - is there anyone else that would like to join? i think it would be a lot of fun so think about it this weekend and let me know on monday... :o)

anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend... GO REDSKINS!!!

Anne  – (9:59 PM)  

Thank God for flex points!
Love the new look, have a great weekend!

digitalGoobie  – (4:31 PM)  

I love Fall weather! So much better for walking... so there really isn't any excuse as to why I haven't been doing my walking.. blah.

No biggie on the pnts, shit like that happens but you have a plan and are handling it well. Good for you. Hope you have a great weekend.

crackmonkee  – (4:09 AM)  

Oi I like the new template!!!

Living to Feel Good  – (1:16 PM)  

Love the new look of the blog, and your new photo!! LOVE the photo!! :D

I've always wanted to try kickboxing, but a part of me is to scared too. It looks so hard!! BUT that's a class that would be very rewarding!!

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