i am back - decided to take a few days off and redesign my blog in the meantime (see what happens when you procrastinate!)... i will keep my current weight stats in the right-hand column as well as any goals that i feel are important, i've already listed a few weight-related ones and will keep adding... i have also decided to keep doing WW since that seems to work best (when i actually FOLLOW the plan) rather than trying something new... i went to border's the other night to look at some diet books and was completely overwhelmed by the mass quantity of 'stuff' out there... as i read a few, i came to realize that i already know what i have to do and can find pretty much whatever i want via the web, magazines, and newspapers... and speaking of, here's a good article from the washington post about doing cardio/weights on the same day...

as for other changes, i am now doing cardio on m/w/f and weights on t/th - i've been upping my time and am shooting for 500-600 calories burned on cardio days... i will also be doing pilates on m/w/f (or 3 days a week if my schedule is off) and spinning when i can get to the other gym... the next two weekends will be hard since i'll be out of town so when that happens, i will force myself to go walking... i don't want to make too many changes at once so i'll stick w/this plan for a few weeks and see what happens... on a good note though, i bought a pair of dark-wash, stretch, size 10 limited jeans on saturday and they look pretty damn good... :o)

question: would anyone be interested in joining a challenge? i used to belong to this message board where we were in teams and each week we'd weigh-in and after 6 weeks, whoever lost the most would be declared the winner... it would have to be more simplified of course - each of us would set a goal - like lose 5 pounds - and weekly results would be posted here
... if you're interested, send me an email - i think it could be pretty motivating and a lot of fun... :o)

happy thursday...

Belladora  – (1:14 PM)  

Ooo...size 10 and they look good...that's good stuff:)

I used to be on iShape and we did challenges and they really helped me. But I just haven't done any really well since then. I could see myself getting into one though...

Cowgirl Warrior  – (11:16 AM)  

Hi ya,
Thanks for posting on my blog and listing me as one of your inspirations. You're going on my list asap.
Challenges are a great idea. Right now I'm training for a marathon so a bit swamped with that and consider it to be my challenge at the moment..oy vey

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