weigh-in wednesday

*whew* the damage from my trip to texas wasn't as bad as i thought - only gained .8 pounds and considering what i had to eat and drink over a 4-day weekend/vacation, that's pretty damn good... maybe the jogging helped but anyway, i feel pretty good about the choices i made and never once felt deprived of anything... maybe i'm finally getting the hang of all this WW stuff (laughs uncontrolably)... :o)

had my performance review today, it went pretty well... since this is my 4th one, my boss is at the point where she just paraphrases her comments and lets me read the whole thing on my own... won't know what the increase will be until october sometime, i'm hoping for at least 3% but we'll see... its also nice to hear that she still receives positive comments from others about my work and how i handle myself here... :o)

spoke w/my girlfriend last night, i'll be heading to NJ over columbus day weekend to help her get an idea of what type of wedding dress she wants (along w/her mom and cousin)... we're going into manhattan to visit kleinfeld bridal which is pretty exciting - i haven't been to NYC in a long time so it sounds like fun (lived there for 2 years after college)... she then proceeds to ask ME what type of bridesmaid dresses we should have and i said, "this is YOUR wedding, not mine" and she replies, "but you know what you're doing, i don't"... oy vey, i just told her to get an idea for what type of dress SHE wants first and then the others come later... i'm still voting for a simple, dark chocolate brown, knee length dress... :o)

anyway, just rambling at this point... haven't read many blogs today so i'm off to do that... happy hump day everyone...

Living to Feel Good  – (3:53 AM)  

.8 is nothing!! WOoHooO! I think the jogging does help. I believe it helped me with Vegas.

Oh NYC, I am so jealous. I miss NY!! We always go at least once a year. This is the first time we aren't going this year. Our next planned trip is next fall, so I have to wait 1 year. BooHoo!!

Congrats on your review! :)

Belladora  – (12:59 PM)  

That .8 will be gone in no time!!!

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