let me first begin by saying thank-you to those that left comments on my post the other day (esp. for the skinny minnie part!)... i AM very thankful for the loss this week but you know how it is when you lose/gain the same pounds over and over... then seeing that i hadn't lost any inches, was just the icing on the cake... i'm really not one to rant/rave about things but for some reason, wednesday was a bad one for me... i didn't want to go to my pilates class but forced myself to go anyway - and i did feel better afterwards... maybe i need to start doing that w/my exercise routine in general, just do it regardless of whether i want too or not... i totally amazed myself yesterday and jogged 40 minutes on the treadmill (a first, ladies and gentleman) so maybe there is hope for me yet... :o)

did anyone watch the U.S. open match last night with andre agassi? oh my god, that game was so intense! we stayed up for the whole thing and then i probably laid in bed for another hour because i was so energized from watching it... talk about loving the sport you play - these guys were amazing!

the weather here in DC is rainy, chilly and depressing - so much for a nice labor day weekend... we'll be leaving for pennsylvania in the morning so hopefully traffic will be light and the weather will be cooperative... i've packed warm clothes, including a fleece pullover, and i can't wait to wear it (yea, i'm weird)... i'm excited to hang out w/eric's family, they are a great bunch of people and so laid-back... :o)

hope everyone has a great holiday...

Kim  – (11:07 PM)  

Hi Jodi! Sorry it's taken me so long to get over here to visit you! :(

I wanted to thank you for the pep talk the other day. I needed it, and it really helped. THANK YOU!

Today marked another new and fresh start for me. I know what I need to do, now I just have to dig deeper and make it happen.

I'm all for teaming up to help each other out!! It's wonderful to talk to someone who understands how difficult this process is!!

I hope that you have a great holiday weekend!!!!

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