could this day go any slower

i have to give a shout-out to myself for sticking to the 40-minute jog as of late, not sure what has me so motivated but it doesn't seem to be as hard as it used to be... granted, i am not admitting that i actually ENJOY it but there is something to be said for being in a groove for 4-5 minutes... i missed spin class by ONE spot on saturday and i was there 5 minutes after the damn gym opened - these people are nuts, waiting in line outside, like their trying to get tickets to a concert... so i did the eliptical and then treadmill and headed back to eric's to clean and help around the yard... it was a BEAUtiful day so i was happy to be outside, mowing grass and pulling weeds... we opted out of going to see 'little miss sunshine' because it was $9.25/each and eric has a ton of movies that we had to watch... we chose 'syriana' and i have NO idea what it was about - okay then... perhaps 'constant gardener' or 'the davinci code' would've been better...

all i have is four words: HAIL TO THE REDSKINS... yeee haaa, what an AWESOME game... :o)

on friday afternoon, i received a response from a resume i submitted from a small museum/gallery... with my design and web exp. and gallery exp. from college, i thought it was an awesome fit so i applied on a whim... i was thrilled and happy all weekend until i spoke w/their HR person this morning... after chatting for a while, she asked me the range i was looking for and i told her... she said, "oh i'm afraid that's a lot more than we're offering"... i'm thinking, "this is for a manager position, how is MY range too low?" so i asked what they were offering and she told me... maybe i'm spoiled by working in the nonprofit but damn, i felt like telling them to delete the 'manager' part out of their listing because its very misleading... as much as i think it would be challenging and look great on my resume, i can't afford a paycut... if i was married and didn't need a salary to support myself, that would be different...

weight-wise, i'm feeling good and am hoping to see a loss on wednesday... i wrote everything down this weekend including the margaritas we had on saturday night... and the baquette, brie and black pepper salami we had for dinner... oh i love saturday nights at home... :o)

happy monday...

WeightWatchNWoman  – (5:13 PM)  

Happy Monday to you also.
Very nice blog you have here. Congrats on sticking to your 40 minute jog...that is awesome!!!

And about the position you applied for, not to worry, your perfect job is waiting for you.

snackiepoo  – (7:30 PM)  

The thing that sucks is that the recruiter probably wishes she could give you more but has her hands tied by corportate BS and cost centers.

I agree - take the manager part out unless you want to pay manager salaries!

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