officially turned the heat on

morning everyone, hope you all had a great weekend... i am very disappointed in the redskins but am thrilled the steelers won yesterday - what a great game last night! watching football was about all we accomplished this weekend besides washing/detailing our cars and going to the grocery store... we spent the day w/his brother's family and parents on saturday, watched his nephew play soccer, and then had dinner at this local tex-mex place (yum!)... i had hoped we'd get in a motorcycle ride since who knows how long this weather will last but we didn't, perhaps next weekend will be just as nice... :o)

last night i tried a new betty crocker recipe, coconut thai chicken,
and it was super tasty but not very low in points... my weight has been a tad up over the weekend but i'm hoping it goes back by down by wednesday so we'll see... i didn't do any exercise sat/sun which is probably a mistake but i slept in on sat and enjoyed every, single moment... and yesterday, well, i was just plain lazy BUT i did buy a new pair of jogging shoes on friday so i'm anxious to try them out today... :o)

anyhoo, here are some monday tidbits for you to enjoy:

>> angry fat girlz has a great post re: the 'safe' zone
>> fat bitch not only celebrated her bday but she lost 5 more pounds
>> sarah is down 3.2 pounds
>> weight watchn woman lost 3.6 pounds

happy monday...

afternoon update: i was so giddy to wear my new sneakers today but upon putting them on, i noticed one is discolored and one is bright white... WTF? i didn't notice that in Kohl's so now i have to return them... ugh! then again maybe its a good thing because 600 calories later, i thought they weren't that comfortable while on the eliptical... hmm...

WeightWatchNWoman  – (4:28 PM)  

Ugh, I dislike when I have to return items to makes me spend more money lol.

The Steelers??? Oh my, I am from Cleveland so you can imagine what I think of was a blow out game though. I will admit, I am a Cleveland fan forever, lose, win, or draw - did I mention lose?

I hope that you can find some comfy shoes upon your return to Kohl's. Also thanks for referencing me on your page....I feel special!!!!!

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