weigh-in wednesday

i'm happy to report a loss of .6 pounds this week, it might've been more since i had a lot of sodium yesterday but i'll still take it (yay me!)... i went to the grocery store last night and stocked up on all sorts of tasty things like fruits, veggies, lite laughing cow cheese, mulit-grain wasa crackers, yogurt, cottage cheese & fruit cups, and weight watchers frozen meals were on sale so i stocked up on those too... its always nice to have a fridge full of healthy choices to come home too... i also bought the new multi-grain lean pockets and had one for dinner, it was pretty tasty but not very big (4 pts)....

our 2nd counseling session went well and i think its beginning to help our communication skills... my main objective is to be more forthcoming and vocal about things instead of just assuming eric knows what i'm thinking or what i want to do (part of his nature/type needs reassurance and validation in order to be happy)... the counselor also taught us how to discuss an issue w/out getting defensive or making it personal, with the goal being to understand or 'get' where the other per
son is coming from... it doesn't mean you have to accept it but understanding why they're feeling a certain way about something will make things much better... so we're making progress which makes me very happy...

here's an interesting read re: the new secret way to lose weight...

have you checked out the dare collage lately?

and just because i feel like it, here are my boys - norman and max (left to right)... how jealous are you?

happy hump day!

metamorphose  – (3:49 PM)  

Oh what handsome kittys!

Muchos jealous, especially since I'm allergic! If only I had $4000 to spend on one of those hypoallergenic kittens.

Belladora  – (5:35 PM)  

Congrats on the loss! Adorable kitties:)

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