why can't today be friday?

sorry i didn't post yesterday, i was extremely busy working on a tight-deadline newsletter... as for weigh-in, i was down a pound from last week so i'm happy... i'm also weighing myself everyday just for the hell of it, figured why not see how my body reacts to certain foods... i've never been a scale-junky so it should be interesting to see how my weight fluctuates...

some of you have asked how the therapy session went, all i can say is it went very well and i'm excited about how much this is going to help our relationship... he didn't waste time and got right to why we were there and then filled in the gaps as we went along... he spoke to us as a couple and then made us talk to each other, face to face, which was hard... after discussing those, he started telling us about the enneagram which is a system that describes 9 types of people - we all have a type/number and this is crucial in relationships w/family, friends, significant others because it shows who we really are and why we do things... i know the types are generalized but after he told us what numbers we were, it was unbelieveable at how accurate some of the stuff was... eric is more laid-back and easy-going and i'm more reserved, have to think about things and very cautious... anyway, i am thankful that we're going and even more thankful that eric is willing to put effort into our relationship... the therapist said he can sense there's a pretty strong bond and commented that we're the first couple to sit next to each other on the couch, most men and women sit at different ends - i thought that was funny... :o)

here is a fantastic new website that i found on hungry girl - it brings you everything you need to know about the healthier food options available at restaurants in your area... its still being worked on but check it out!

here's another website that lists various free diet-related articles... enjoy!

happy thursday!

snackiepoo  – (11:00 AM)  

I'm glad you made it through therapy; it can be hard and uncomfy but when it is all done, damn life gets better!

metamorphose  – (3:21 PM)  

Congrats on the successful therapy session.

I have to say, my therapist introduced me to the enneagram a while ago, and I'm a pretty big fan. There's a message board on the internet dedicated to it that's also terribly interesting...however a lot of the people on the message board are pretty fanatical about it, and it's practically their religion.

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