put your hands up where i can see'em

as promised, here are some pics from saturday's costume party... so how do you like the wig? not bad for $19.99 huh - my hair stylist even chopped into a bit when i got my haircut saturday morning... i may have to wear this out sometime (wink*wink)... since the whole taping-for-cleavage was too painful, eric had the grand idea of putting water balloons in my bra - i joked about that must be what implants feel like... i shaved his head and put on some fake tattoos, the power went out right before we left so i had to put them on in the dark by candlelight... all in all, the party was pretty fun - people were singing karaoke and playing pool... i only had 2 drinks and snacked pretty minimally so i did great in the food/drink department (eating before we left helped a lot)... anyway, here we are in our halloween-glory - no laughing please... :o)

prisoner ben d. over...

and officer anita lay...

happy monday...

Kim  – (10:24 PM)  

You guys look great!! The costumes turned out awesome. :) Congrats on being so good with your party eating/drinking!!

snackiepoo  – (12:10 AM)  

How cute are you? You would look good with that hairstyle for real, except yanno...a subtle blonde ;)

Living to Feel Good  – (1:37 AM)  

LOVE IT!!!!! Both of you look AWESOME!! YOu look hot in the costume!! You are so brave! I'm totally chicken out of my flapper girl costume,but it's okay because I like my new costume better.

The wig looks great! YAYAYA!! Halloween pics!! Thanks for sharing! :D

metamorphose  – (4:23 PM)  

Yeow! Hot stuff, fo sho! Happy Halloween!

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