well, we made it to friday, whoo hooo! the sun has finally decided to come out and it looks to be another beautiful, fall day... i decided that i really need a new coat, wearing my leather just seems too premature for the season so perhaps i will go shopping this weekend... i also need to return a sweater i bought last weekend and get a new, black shirt - mine are pretty faded... i also may to do a kitten-run for my sister on sunday (who is pres. of the western maryland humane society) which means, take a bunch of adorable kittens somewhere so they can be fostered and hopefully adopted... :o)

how many of you hop on the scale daily? i know there are some of you that struggle with this and i've never been one to do so but i decided to try it for a few weeks to see what happens... i even created an excel sreadsheet so i have a visual graph (geek, yes i know)... so the only thing i've learned so far is that even when i think i've been OP, that doesn't automatically mean i'll see a loss the next day... i read on someone's blog yesterday that she took a 'rest' day from exercising and saw a 2 pound loss the following day... what about days that you do cardio or weights, is there a difference on the scale for you? just curious, its always interesting to see what other people are doing...

regarding weightloss, here's a list of 64 excuses - which ones have you used? i think i can be honest and say i've said: i'm tired, i'm stressed, start tomorrow, not motivated, slow metabolism, and i'll start on monday...

are you planning on eating out for breakfast this weekend? if so, here are some tips from hungry girl...

hope you all have a great weekend... :o)

snackiepoo  – (5:09 PM)  

LMAO - I used to be a scale hopper and formed an email group a long time ago that we called the NPC's - no peekers club. Yeah that did not work out so well and now we call ourselves the Power Fraus. I tend to weigh sporadically now; sometimes I will wait a whole week and other times, I do it maybe 2-3 times a week. It is interesting to keep track just to see fluctuations and uh, I love the spreadsheet....geeky is good!

Living to Feel Good  – (1:31 PM)  

I step on the scale every morning and every night. I write down my morning number every day in a notebook I have. Obsessive? Maybe but I don't care. It helps me know if I am doing well with food or not. It doesn't get me depressed if I don't like the number. If the number is high by like 5lbs then it just motivates me more than anything. I know a lot of women can't handle this, but for me it works.

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