has it really been 6 years?

i just want to say a few, simple things, regarding today... be THANKFUL for what you have, be THANKFUL for who's in your life, and be THANKFUL that we live in this great country... remember those that lost their lives today, remember those that have helped rebuild, and remember to tell the people closest to you, how much you love them... :o)

the weekend seems like a blur since i was still in my funk til about sunday morning... i can't really tell you what made it go away, but i'm glad it's gone because i hate being in that place... anyhoo, i had a good spin class on sat morning and then hung-out w/my mom for most of the day, doing the yard-sale and the comm fair-thing... i wasn't expecting to see eric sat night but his original plans changed and he asked me to come over, so i went, bringing my mom's homemade peach cobbler with me (mmm mmm)... we grilled outside with some of his friends and had a good time...

sunday, he made his usual eggwiches for breakfast and then we headed over to the unique thriftstore to see what goodies they had... i found some high-end clothes (eddie bauer, ann taylor, gap, harve bernard, and aerosoles) for cheap, cheap, cheap so that made me happy... i then headed home to finish the website and watch the AWESOME redskins game - gotta love overtime and watching the winning field goal! i also went thru some of my magazines and started a notebook of inspirational quotes and websites that i'd like to check out... :o)

i'm a little late to be commenting on the whole VMA thing but renee has a great post on her blog today... personally, i think britney looked a mess and her routine sucked BUT i certainly didn't think she looked fat... she looked, well, sort of healthy to me (as much as you can wearing a bikini and fishnets anyway)... you'd have to pay me a LOT of money to get up there and do what she did (and i'd probably need some alcohol too)... ;o)

i'm sure most of you are already geared-up for the new, fall shows but just in case - i found this link last week that lists them all and when they are premiering... i will be watching the biggest loser this season (starts tonight, don't forget!) and am looking forward to some old favorites: CSI, my name is earl, the office, and scrubs...

what about you? what are you looking forward too this fall?

happy tuesday...

BigBadMan  – (12:10 PM)  

OMG A sexy women with almost the same interest as me. Your cool as hell....

Sizzle  – (12:47 PM)  

i miss the office and lost.

but mostly, i'm looking forward to the leaves changing and carving pumpkins with my nephew.

Anne  – (2:01 PM)  

Can't wait for BL tonight!! I'm also really looking forward to Grey's Anatomy and LOST (but that's not until the New Year)

CaRoLyN  – (2:56 PM)  

YAY New Fall shows! I can't wait for Grey's to start and the Office. That show is hilarious and I only discovered it this past season.

You're certainly right, we should be grateful and appreciate all the great things in our lives not just today but everyday!

iportion  – (4:40 PM)  

I feel blessed to have my little family.

Mandy  – (5:00 PM)  

I'm pumped for The Biggest Loser to start tonight!

Lacey  – (5:39 PM)  

I can't believe it's been 6 years. WOW. I also am very excited for Biggest Loser tonight :)

ThickChick  – (7:17 PM)  

I know.. I feel almost like it was yesterday - have been avoiding watching TV/listening to radio and such today to avoid re-living that awful day.

Glad your head ache FINALLY went away!

And as for what I'm most looking forward to this fall.... I guess that I'm one step closer to it being summer again. (Its the only season I'm completely nutso about!=) But.... hopefully there will be some new What Not To Wears this fall, that would be cool.

Mel  – (8:25 PM)  

I was in a funk too last week, must have been something going on. Off to a much better week though and it sounds like you are too. I cannot wait until premiere week so I can catch up with the Desperate Housewives, my Brother and Sisters, and check out Grey's Anatomy. I want to be LOST again too, but hear that is not going to come back until the winter...YUCK!

Glam  – (11:12 PM)  

Looking forward to crisp, fall weather. the smell of leaves in the evening. bonfires late at night while wrapped in soft, vibrant knits with a warm cup of pumpkin spice whatever to keep me warm. ghost stories. scary movie night with friends. I LOVE FALL!

September 11th. Still as raw and painful as the day it happened. Although, while I honor and remember the day, I also celebrate it and life - it's my fiance's birthday!

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