poo poo headache

ImageChef.com i wish my headache would go away, nothing seems to dull this achy pain for some reason... and because i'm not feeling well, i have decided to skip the gym today and not feel guilty about it... even if i DID go, it would not be a good workout because i would doing everything half-assed and what's the point... and besides - i'm going to spin-class tomorrow and i can always do weights afterwards so there's nothing to worry about... and if for some reason i wake up w/a headache - i'll just pop a double-dose of pills and suffer thru it... :-p

eric came over last night and took me to staples, so i could buy a new desk chair... i've been having major backaches - both at work and home - and contribute it to my crappy chairs... i found one for $25, on clearance, and its perfect - good color, good height, so i'm good to go... as for work, i've readjusted the back to see if that helps and if not - i will be buying one of those pillow-things to lean against... getting old sucks, that's all i have to say...

weekend plans are pretty low-key... eric has some guy-thing going on saturday night so i'm going to hang-out w/my mom and do the community fair thing (she likes to enter canned food and actually won a few ribbons last year)... its nothing huge or exciting but its my hometown and i like to support my local-peeps... sunday plans consist of finalizing my sister's website and watching the game - GO REDSKINS... :o)

time for my weekly top 5, you know the drill - enjoy! :o)

—drink a lot of coffee? maybe you should get a designer cup sleeve
—fun things to do with your old coffee grounds
—ever wonder what type of coffee you are? (i'm a cafe latte)
—make your own flavored coffees at home
—spread the love and wear a coffee cup on your belt buckle

and that's all she wrote, have a great weekend everyone... :o)

happy friday...

~♥ Amanda ♥~  – (3:48 PM)  

sorry you have a headache, i seem to be getting them a lot lately (but that's cause i'm pregnant!) hopefully yours will go away so you can enjoy your spin class!

Grumpy Chair  – (4:54 PM)  

Pop two ibuprofen and a nice cup of coffee - that's my relief for a headache.

iportion  – (8:50 PM)  

I hope you feel better soon.
I would like to get a small work out tonight.

WeightBGone  – (1:51 AM)  

I hope you feel better soon and that nasty headache goes away.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend. :)

totegirl  – (2:51 PM)  

best weekly top 5 ever!

hope you feel better and have a great weekend.

Anonymous –   – (3:19 PM)  

I hate those kinds of headaches. I usually take something for a symptom I don't even have and it works...like one Tylenol Cold pill or a Benadryl.

Anyway, get bettah!

TrixieBelden  – (10:40 PM)  

i love coffee! i'm a cafe latte too :)

i hope your headache is gone and that you enjoyed spinning :)

CaRoLyN  – (8:21 AM)  

hope you had a great weekend despite the headache. The fair sounds fun, I love going to those corny things where the food and crafts are WAY overpriced, the fried food is everywhere and the homemade fudge is calling your name!

Greta & Gurdy  – (8:19 AM)  

look at those Skins go!
Hope your headache is gone by now!!

marie  – (9:36 AM)  

hope your weekend turned around. loved the coffee links :) very headache appropriate!

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