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ImageChef.comhappy friday, y'all... i'm so glad the weekend is here, i feel like i've been robbed a few days because of my ongoing headache and backache issues (except for today, go figure)... i should make an appt. with a chiropractor and have thought about trying acupuncture - has anyone tried it? i could give them a laundry list of things to 'fix' so maybe i need to decide what my main complaints are first... ;o)

work has been quiet today and i'm hoping my boss leaves early, so i can leave early too - my mom and i are heading to western maryland to spend the weekend w/my sister... the weather yesterday said cloudy and in the mid-50s - WTF man, it's only september people... it's like a different world out there, i swear - it starts getting cold in september and they get snow up until april... anyway, we're going to run around tomorrow and probably stop by to see my dad - it's been a while and i feel i should go see him... my goal is to go for a walk/jog at least once and make healthy choices with my food (unless she makes homemade ice cream and then all bets are off!)... :o)

speaking of food, eric and i went for thai last night - neither one of us ordered the usual curry dish and though what we had was good, it just wasn't the same... i hate when that happens... plus, we were the only customers in the joint which was weird because it's usually crowded - perhaps not a good sign... :o(

on behalf of september being National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, my weekly top 5 will be related to that... :o)

—loreal's 'color of hope' jewelry collection will donate $5, from every purchase, to the ovarian cancer research fund
—do you know what the 4 early symptoms are?
—show your support by wearing a LIVESTRONG item
—or wear a teal ribbon
— a great tshirt for those that have battled and won their fight w/cancer

enjoy your weekend, everyone... go steelers but i'd rather say, go REDSKINS (yes, i know the game is monday night)... :o)

happy friday...

iportion  – (2:41 PM)  

I hope your headache and backache don't come back.

Tracy  – (2:55 PM)  

I’ve been reading you blog for a little while and this is the first time I’ve ever posted on a blog, but I did because I wanted to say that I had been in 2 car accidents within 2 weeks and had been left with really bad headaches. I did physiotherapy for my body to get better, but the headaches didn't stop, then I had some acupuncture for them. Within 3 sessions I was getting them less often, and by 5-6 they were completely gone. I was a HUGE skeptic about it, figured it wouldn't work, and go figure, it did anyway... now the only headaches I get are from a crazy Saturday night out. :o) I recommend you try acupuncture, especially if it's not too expensive.
Good Luck!

Squigmund  – (4:01 PM)  

Hey Baybee!

I just wanted to say be careful and say hi to your dad, sister and everyone from ME! Wish I could go with you.


BigBadMan  – (11:15 PM)  

O.K. here we go kid....
I have alway battled my weight, No matter what I tried it would come back. I swear, at one point I was thinking some really dark thoughts.
But I also had headaches!!!! Real bad ones. In the morning mostly, then they would go away. Some days worse then others. And you have no IDEA how bad my body would feel.
To make a long story short: I had a sleep problem. Thats it. A smart doctor noticed that I quit breathing when I sleep. So he had me take a sleep study. And yes that was the problem.
Get a sleep study!!!!!
Get a sleep study!!!!!
You have any question e-mail me, I'll be more then happy to explain this in detail.

Chris H  – (2:26 AM)  

Acupuncture !!! eeewwww needles... no way for me! Hope your trip this weekend goes well... who are the Steelers and Redskins? We are watching the World Cup in this house, and we only say "Go the All Blacks"! ha ha ha

Chris H  – (2:26 AM)  

That's the RUGBY WORLD CUP being played out in France at the moment....

CaRoLyN  – (9:03 AM)  

Hope you had a great weekend with your family!
It was FREEZING here in New Brunswick this morning when we woke up. It was only 2 degrees Celcius!!! Yikes!! Winter is almost here!

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