i'm not sure why the scale only showed an .8 pound gain this week - the philly cheesesteak i had on saturday night weighed that alone so i'm thankful the damage is easily undoable... i also was a big slacker w/exercise this weekend - the spin class started a 1/2 hour later than scheduled on saturday so i opted to do the eliptical for 45 minutes instead... it was a good workout but not as great as the class - note to self: check class schedules ahead of time esp. on a holiday weekend! grrr!

so as mentioned above - eric and i had an original, philly cheesesteak for dinner on saturday (mine had cheese wiz, onions, and peppers)... i regret not having him take a pic because it was huge and oh SO very tasty... the king tut exhibit was pretty cool even though they did not have any of his actual burial masks or sarcophagus in the show (maybe they are too fragile to travel?)... it was beautifully designed with each room painted a different color and though crowded, we had no problem viewing each piece after waiting our turn... someone was complaining outside that it was too crowded and they wanted their money back - i thought, "gee lady, its saturday night and a holiday weekend - get a grip! what do you expect!"... i hate people that are impatient...

sunday, was pretty low-key but i did try a new recipe for breakfast - it was a sundried tomato and goat cheese frittata (recipe here), mmm mmm good... after that, i washed and detailed both cars, went to the store, and caught-up on some tv stuff... monday, we took a nice, long bike ride and enjoyed the great weather we've been having here, i do hope it lasts a little bit longer... for dinner, i made some fresh pesto and we had that with chicken, stuffed with more sundried tomatoes and goat cheese... and for dessert - we had s'mores made w/peanut butter cups (and i wonder why i gained this week? ha!) and that's pretty much it for our labor day weekend...

my allergies have been kicking-in since this weekend, i've pretty much had a headache since saturday and my eyes have been watering... gotta love that ragweed... work has been quiet so i've been trying to catch-up on misc things, one being my sister's website... thank-god its a short week, i'm just not in a very 'work' mood...

happy hump day...

Anne  – (11:48 AM)  

Sounds like you had a great long weekend! Don't worry, it's a small gain and will be gone before you know it.

Allergies - ugh, mine just kicked in too.

CaRoLyN  – (12:11 PM)  

Sounds like a good long weekend, especially the S'mores with peanut butter cups! Never would have thought of using those! Yummm
Your menu sounds delish!! I would love to get some recipes from you, especially the pesto. I always buy the jarred stuff, it's sooo GOOD! Homemade is usually better as a rule of thumb.
I agree, Amen to the short week!!

iportion  – (6:20 PM)  

mmmmmm philly cheesesteak

Hilly  – (8:55 PM)  

Thank God I just worked out and all food sounds gross or else I would have to kill you for making me want cheesesteak!


Living to Feel Good  – (2:50 AM)  

MMMm that fritta sounds great. I can't believe it's only 146 cals! I love goat cheese!

Candace  – (10:00 AM)  

That frttata sounds delicious. I must try those on Saturday.

marie  – (10:04 AM)  

such a small gain. sounds like quite an enjoyable weekend though :) thank goodness it's a short week. sounds like you need the rest already!! hope you're feeling better :)

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