wow, another huge loss this week --> .2 pounds... it's good to see that i'm still making progress, though VERY slow, in the right direction... i had another good class last night, we had a different instructor (again) and this guy was all about the bag - kicking and punching - and jumping rope... it's not my favorite thing - just don't seem to be very coordinated w/the ropes for some reason... oh well, it's still fun and a great workout! i had a nice, sweaty glow afterwards... ;o)

i had my annual review yesterday and all went well... i should be hearing about the restructuring soon and my boss, said again, that she's trying to get a promotion for me... but along with this, comes more responsibility since she will be moving up as well - i'm both excited and scared so we'll see what happens... i really enjoy doing design and keeping to myself, so attending more meetings and dealing w/more staff will take some adjusting that's for sure... and probably some nicer clothes... :o)

i also asked my boss for some time off since i'll have almost 8 weeks by the end of the year (i haven't taken a real vacation in like 2 years, people!)... so i'm taking-off the week of thanksgiving and the week between christmas and new year's - i have no plans as of yet so i'm just looking forward to some R&R... and speaking of R&R, i'm going to florida next week with eric - he is presenting a paper with some coworkers at a conference and i'm tagging along... my daily goals will be to: exercise, eat well, and lay by the pool - shouldn't be too hard, right? ;o)

i didn't watch BL yet but i did successfully tape it... i'm also considering buying a Tivo since i'm tired of the whole VCR-thing and having to deal with tapes - i'm watching a few good deals on ebay so we'll see what happens with that... i DID watch law & order SVU though - love that show!

happy hump day...

Cory  – (4:55 PM)  

Slow and steady wins the race (although it doesn't always feel that way in the process!). Just keep working hard. You're doing great.

Kim  – (5:28 PM)  

Congrats on the loss! Even the small ones are wonderful. :)

We have TiVo. I'm not much of a gadget girl, but I LOVES me some TiVo. Seriously. One of our better buys for sure. :)

Anne  – (6:35 PM)  

Those small losses add up you know, so congrats on your loss!
Great that you're taking time off, something nice to look forward to :)

Sizzle  – (8:21 PM)  

yay for time off!

Trish  – (9:59 PM)  

Your kickboxing class sounds like a lot of fun! As for the loss, hey down is good - I'd take it, I keep moving up!

Congrats on the great review and would you like to pass on some of those vacation days? I have one left (3 coming up that I've booked).

Mel  – (10:10 PM)  

A loss is a loss and I always take what I can get. I am glad that you are still enjoying your class. Go you for taking your vacations...I am a big believer that vacation days should be used in entirety every year. Good luck with the promotion!!

iportion  – (11:01 PM)  

I can't jump rope well either :-)
but I bet you burned a heck of a lot.

CaRoLyN  – (1:19 PM)  

YAY! Florida! I'm so jealous.
Have a great time!

Congrats on the loss. A loss is a loss right? It's better than a gain!

Laura  – (1:23 PM)  

Your kickboxing class sounds like alot of fun! I would have to start with a beginners, beginners class though...lol. Hope you have a great time in the sunshine state. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog!

KL  – (4:31 PM)  

Congrats on the loss!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Tivo. You should definitely get one.

Dee  – (5:34 PM)  

Oooh....TiVo. That's the dream! Thanks for your comments. I'm going to try the aquacise thing as soon as I get a chance. It's tough since my husband works shifts and is rarely home in evenings (no babysitter nearby). But, you're right, I'll probably like it and I'm pretty sure it's better for me than sitting on the couch watching TV!! Stupid trainer!

BigBadMan  – (7:07 PM)  

Shut up!!! Your coming to Florida!!!! I work at a diner outside of Daytona Beach. It is on State road 415. The only diner on that road. Come in and say "hi"!
I'm the fat guy. William.I work every fri and sat night 2-10pm.

angelfish24  – (10:14 PM)  

Way to go on losing a bit more. You're right, you are making progress in the right direction.

I'm glad you can take some vacation time. Everyone needs it and enjoy Florida, I'm jealous.

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