mini-peanut better cups don't count right?

just got back from a great workout - 45 mins and 600 calories later, i'm feeling pretty darn good... it's always good to get back into the groove on a monday, esp. after a weekend-away and no exercise... well, i DID play in the pool for a while on saturday - we took eric's dad for some water therapy and it seems to be doing wonders for his leg... he's also walking a bit more and get more movement in his arm so that's good news... we had a good weekend in pittsburgh, the weather was great, and i made dinner for everyone on saturday night - made my specialty: lasagna w/homemade sauce... i wanted to do something for eric's mom since she's so overwhelmed taking care of his dad, and think it was a success (she had 2 pieces and eric said that was a good sign)... we got to play w/norman's sisters but didn't get to hang w/the cows or ride the go-cart - there's always next time, right... :o)

on saturday while i was helping eric put in a new light/fan in the bathroom, i got a phonecall from my sister about my dad - he fell out of his wheelchair and was being taken to the hospital... they had left him unattended, in a big room - which they know they shouldn't do because my dad is too weak to stand by himself... they use a 'lap-buddy' which is sort of like this padded tray that hooks around the arm of the chair to hold him in - he must've been agitated and got it loose... anyway, luckily nothing was broken but my sister had to deal w/everything AND ream-out the nursing home for not listening to her - i wish i was closer so i could help-out more... stuff like this just makes me realize that i really need to make a point in visiting more often - he barely recognized me last weekend so i'm not sure how long that's going to last...

and speaking of things not lasting - WTF redskins... you had that game in the first half and then blew-it, esp. in the fourth quarter... i really thought you could've tied the game and won so i'm just going to chalk this game as a 'mistake' and move on... you better not let me down next weekend... ;o)

happy monday...

Kim  – (5:08 PM)  

I'm sorry to hear about your dad's fall. I hope that he's okay. :)

Sizzle  – (10:09 PM)  

it's hard to not be close to the family, especially in that kind of situation. i hope he is ok.

that lasagna sounds gooood.

Squigmund  – (10:06 AM)  

Wowsers - Eric here - that Lasagne was AWESOME!! She didn't tell you that my brother ate like 4 pieces! (oink)

CaRoLyN  – (1:56 PM)  

Aww That's so sweet that Eric posted a comment about your yummy lasagna. I made some veggie lasagna last night using Spaghetti squash instead of yummy AND so low in pts!
Sorry to hear about your Dad, that must be hard.

miss gloss  – (3:11 PM)  

Hope your dads ok- I've been craving veggie lasagna! You've inspired me to make some- yum yum!!
I can't wait for fall weather!! Makes me want to clean house and cook yummy (but healty) food all the time!

miss gloss  – (3:18 PM)  

Also- I've been meaning to tell you- I see you work at a non-profit! I'm finishing my degree right now in non-profit development and public administration!

iportion  – (8:53 PM)  

sorry about your dad's fall.
Your dinner sounded yummy.

angelfish24  – (9:17 PM)  

I can understand how you would feel not to be around your dad more. I hope he's ok after the fall.
That sounds like some great anything Italian.

totegirl  – (7:46 AM)  

Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's fall. How frustrating that must be.

Sorry about the Redskins...that was one game where I wasn't rooting for them on your behalf...NEXT TIME! My Texans lost as well, but they gave the stinky Colts a run for their money.

Grumpy Chair  – (12:31 PM)  

Sorry about your father's fall.

Speaking of the Texans, you couldn't give tickets away last year to see them, now they are becoming an exciting team to watch. Best of all, Atlanta thought their back-up quarterback was expendable (we got him)!

Steph  – (3:23 PM)  

Oh so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he has a speedy recovery! I see the comments about the veggie lasagna and now I'm hungry - uh oh!!

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