one of these days, my weekends are going to catch-up with me - i know i shouldn't say that outloud but really... and all i can say is, thank god for kickboxing last night because i think it helped the scale show a .6 pound loss this morning... i really liked the class but it was HARD - like 50 minutes of leg lifts, squats, pushups, and then there was the whole boxing part which meant even more legs and arms... i was sweating big time and it felt great - the instructor at one point asked me if i had ever taken a class... when i said no, he was like "wow, you're doing a great job!" so yea, maybe i should keep taking it... ;o)

work has been crazy busy and it will be even busier so i apologize for the ocassional posts and lack of commenting... i had to leave early today because i had 2 doctor's appts. - one was the dermatologist for my annual mole check (all clear) and the other was for my 6-month check-up at the dentist (no cavities)... i still get fluoride treatment (vanilla this time) and a toothbrush and mini-floss on the way out... good times, people, good times...

it was a beautiful day here and since i didn't do my usual lunchtime work-out - i opted to go for a nice jog when i got home... after what felt like 2 hours, it only ended up being 26 minutes - ugh, i need to work on that... it's SO much easier to jog when there's someone with you... either way, i was proud of myself for going and for not stopping so yay me! :o)

as for biggest loser - for some idiotic reason i only taped the first 1/2 hour (yes, i'm 36½ and still can't program my VCR apparently)... i missed who won the challenge and how the weigh-in went so maybe i can find the episode online somewhere - i did hear that the black team won which is great... jillian is an awesome trainer because she doesn't take shit from anyone - wouldn't be great to have someone like her, all to yourself? :o)

since i haven't participated in sarah's photo challenge yet, i decided to take one of my dinner tonight... i made chicken enchiladas with corn, green peppers, onions, and lowfat cheese - talk about tasty! eric was supposed to come over tonight and that's what i had planned to make so when he canceled - i made them anyway... yum yum... :o)

one more thing - last week, someone from the weight loss tips website contacted me and i was asked to fill-out a questionnaire and submit before/after photos... i felt kind of silly doing it esp. since my 20-pound loss is nothing compared to some of you (who have lost 30, 40, or 50+ pounds) but i'm glad i could share my story nonetheless... regardless of how much you've lost or how much more you have to lose - i think it's important to share your journey with others because there will always be someone else, just like you, going thru the same thing... anyway, check it out here... :o)

happy hump day...

Mel  – (9:36 PM)  

I haven't done kickboxing in awhile, but I used to love it although it did kick my butt. You go with your afternoon jog today! Those enchilada's look really yummy, would you share the recipe? I too got interviewed by the WLtips place and you should not feel that you don't deserve it at all. You have worked as hard as the next persona and deserve every bit of recognition you get. Have a great rest of the week!

angelfish24  – (9:44 PM)  

Way to go on your wt loss this week. I taped the biggest loser but haven't watched it yet!
Your chicken enchiladas look awesome, I agree, post the recipe. I love mexican food.

Nice interview they did with you on the wl tips. Thanks for visting my blog...it's not the best time for me but it will get better in time.

Trish  – (9:50 PM)  

Oh, that food looked delish! Congrats on the kickboxing, sounds like fun. Today we did leg work, 50min of it, squats, lunges, stairs, etc, etc.

Trish  – (9:51 PM)  

Ooops! Also, meant to add, nice loss :)

Kim  – (10:33 PM)  

Congrats on the loss! That's wonderful!!!

I am hungry, and looking at the picture of your dinner just made me lick my computer screen. LOOKS SO GOOOOOOD!!

The kickboxing sounds so cool! I'd love to try something like that someday.

Kim  – (10:34 PM)  

Hey - thanks for the shout out!!! That's so nice of you!!!

Laura  – (10:37 PM)  

Kickboxing--that's great. That sounds like fun. You did better than me recording 1/2 of biggest loser because I forgot it was even on!

Cory  – (10:47 PM)  

Congrats on the loss. That's awesome!
And you have a wonderful interview posted there. I have an interview on there from when I had only lost a little over 10 pounds. They take people at every stage!

Anne  – (10:54 PM)  

Congrats on the loss!
Your dinner looks yummy mmmm making me hungry.
Nice interview, thanks for the shout out!

Greta & Gurdy  – (8:37 AM)  

Rock on girl! Congrats on the loss. And that chicken enchilada looks FABULOUS! Its 8:35 am and I want one. NOW. Yum. And how cool to have the boxing instructor comment on good you are!

marie  – (10:08 AM)  

woohoo! nice loss!

i've always wanted to do kickboxing! i think you just inspired me :) thanks!

CaRoLyN  – (12:24 PM)  

Congrats on the loss!
Kickboxing sounds so great! I wish they had that at my gym, I would sign up for sure.
The chicken sounds so good! How did you make them? Do you have the recipe posted somewhere? I'm always looking for new chicken dishes!

Sizzle  – (5:18 PM)  

it IS important to share our stories. good point!

that dinner looks yum.

Amazon Alanna  – (7:15 PM)  

don't downplay your 20 pound loss...you were just smart enough to say, "enough is enough" at 20 pounds...I waited until I was 40 pounds to start...yikes!

Teresa  – (11:11 AM)  

That's great news, congrats. Have a wonderful weekend.

Glam  – (1:03 PM)  

You're famous! ;)

Great article. I'd never seen those B&A pics before. They're not posted on your blog are they?

Anywho, keep it up. Those .6 pound losses add up!

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