going, going, gone...

the weekend's almost over (2 hours) and it's back to work, unfortunately, tomorrow... and it's raining - perfect! my posting/commenting may be few and far between this week because of work so bear with me until this website project is up and running... :o)

i had a great weekend with lots of R&R with eric, as well as spending time w/my mom... the christmas joy event was fun but more so because i was able to help-out my mom's friend - she must've had 2 truckloads of greens/holly and it had to be cleaned-up and hauled outside for people to take when it was over... if i hadn't been there, i have no idea how this woman would've done it considering no one else was helping (and it was a church event, go figure!)... anyway, i was able to make 2 wreaths - one for me and one for eric's front door - and am very proud of my first attempt... i brought home 2 garbage bags, full of greens, so be doing my swags and arrangements sometime this week... :o)

as for the rest of the weekend, eric and i watched 2 movies - 'the departed' and 'young frankenstein' - both were excellent, though i need to watch the departed again since there was so much going on... we also watched 'robot chicken' which is a goofy show on comedy central and the usual sunday morning talking-head shows... after that, we hung christmas lights on the front of his house and around the tree in his front yard - it looks so nice! we also raked/mowed the front and back yard but have much to do in the flowerbeds - they need a good clipping before winter...

sadly, the redskins blew yet another game today - gibbs, what were you thinking?!?! calling 2 timeouts in a row! come on! buffalo could've missed that 2nd field goal attempt and then we would've won! i really thought they had it, especially since it was the first game after sean taylor died, but they just let it slip out of their hands... again... i'll just have to route for the steelers tonight and so far, they're winning... :o)

happy sunday...

Candace  – (11:14 PM)  

Have a great week. I've a busy one, too. I loved Departed - isn't that scene with Leonardo topless hot! Anyway, Cheerios.

Laura  – (11:14 PM)  

Hope your week goes well and your project gets to go live. Several years ago I made wreaths for me and several family members using greenery from cedar. They were so pretty!

Living to Feel Good  – (3:05 AM)  

Can I tell you that my husband watches Robot Chicken almost daily. He DVRed it, and I swear he plays it before he goes to bed, and he always laughs hard at the same spots.

Love the departed. It's a really good movie. :)

R&R is always nice. Have a good week!

Greta & Gurdy  – (8:46 AM)  

sorry about those Bills......I grew up in western NY and USED to be a Bills fan (Rob Johnson ruined that team for me), hubby still is and was jumping up and down....crazy man.
Sounds like a nice weekend otherwise.

ThickChick  – (4:09 PM)  

Ooh, nice work on the wreath!

Good luck w/your website project... I'm sure it will be a weight off your shoulders when it's finished!

iportion  – (1:34 AM)  

glad you had s fun weekend

Teresa  – (3:10 PM)  

Have a good week. Everyone seems to be busy these days. Good luck with your weigh in.

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