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hello everyone, hope you're enjoying the weekend so far... i'm in a festive mood so i thought i would update my photo and include some christmas cheer (i also got my haircut so ya know)... i did some shopping today, trying to pick-up a few things here and there but still have to get a list from eric... why are men so difficult when it comes to what they want? i mean, i can totally buy him things that i THINK he needs (which is normally on-the-money) but i'd like to have SOME idea of what to buy him (ahem!)... i hate waiting til the last minute but such is life when you're dating a huge procrastinator! ;o)

my week ended pretty well, the web project is almost complete and should go live on monday (fingers crossed)... we had an off-site meeting on friday afternoon and it couldn't have come at a worst time - we're all so busy so it was hard having to sit and listen to the vice president ramble when we knew there was a ton of work to be done back at the office... anyway, there will be a lot changing in the next 12-18 months and that includes a lot of work for the communications area so it should be interesting to say the least... sadly, one of the women i've become good friends with is putting in her two-weeks notice on monday - she just can't deal with my boss's old boss anymore so she's moving on... :o(

i haven't really talked about weight loss or anything related to that lately (sorry!) - things have just been so crazy for me but i hope to get back on the saddle soon... food has been very good but exercise has been lacking because of my workload, i took my measurements this morning but don't have last month's to compare so i'll have to post the changes next week... i do have to say, the jeans i am wearing today weren't as loose last time i wore them so that's pretty cool... :o)

well, i need to go and do some shopping/looking online and then head over to eric's - he was in philly for the day (working on the ship) and we haven't seen each other since last weekend... i finished the swags for his windows last night and will hang them up tomorrow - too bad i'm not around more to enjoy them... anyway, he's making his awesome chili tomorrow for the steeler's game so i'm looking forward to that, and seeing some of his friends that are joining us... speaking of football - HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! what an awesome game thursday night - it's about time we won a game! yeee haaa! :o)

happy saturday...

Shannon  – (6:22 PM)  

I love the new photo. Your hair looks great. Congrats on getting your site done. What a huge relief.

Sizzle  – (7:04 PM)  

loving the new pic!

Kim  – (11:19 PM)  

You look so great in the new pic!!!


Living to Feel Good  – (12:51 AM)  

Hair looks great, and I love the tree in the back. Our living room is totally decked out. :)

k  – (12:38 PM)  

Great hair, love the new photo... - so sassy!

Anonymous –   – (12:49 PM)  

Love you, love your show! Mostly, love your hair.

I think we should all get a break from talking about food and exercise over the holidays, but that's just crazy old me :)

Anonymous –   – (5:30 PM)  

You are so close to goal, congratulations!! I am just starting out and taking it one day at a time. Have a great week!

Teresa  – (1:14 PM)  

Glad to see you survived the week. Love the hair.

Jodi  – (3:52 PM)  

I love your hair! I noticed it before i even read your blog!!!

Kate  – (3:53 PM)  

You look wonderful in the new pic!

Vickie  – (4:05 PM)  

Pic IS too cute. I too noticed hair right away.

kelly  – (6:24 PM)  

love the haircut!!

go skins! i was at the game. it was freeeezing but well worth it :)

Candace  – (9:03 AM)  

Love the new picture - and the glasses are so cool. Good luck on shopping for Eric.

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