merry christmas to all

hard to believe that christmas day is almost over - seemed to come and go so quickly! regardless, it was a great day with eric and my mom - i fixed dinner here so she wouldn't have to bother with cooking (even though she's been a cookie-making, candy-making machine!)... eric and i exchanged presents after breakfast (as you can see, max helped me wrap), he already got his main gift last week so today i gave him some smaller, fun things... but his present topped them all - he got me a mac mini... i had been talking about getting a mac for home EVENTUALLY since i'm spoiled at work so what does he do? he buys me one! he thought it was funny how i was drooling over them last weekend at the store so he knew that i would be really happy... he's a crazy man but i love him for it - i can't wait to use it (i just need to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse so the unit is complete)... THANK YOU DARLIN! I LOVE IT! :o)

my mom came over around 1:00 and we had brie covered in cranberries, apricots, walnuts, and brandy wrapped in puff pastry - talk about delish! then for dinner i made stuffed flank steak with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and garlic herb cheese, twice-baked potatoes, and fresh asparagus with scallions... for dessert, i made apple and cranberry turnovers, topped with vanilla ice cream, carmel sauce, and walnuts... i'm pretty full, to say the least, but only had a small serving of each (minus the brie of course, who can resist that!)... :o)

after my mom went home, we checked the movie listings and ran to see 'i am legend' - i was surprised at how crowded the theaters were so we were lucky to get a seat... i really liked the movie and because i'm such a dog-lover, i cried in several spots, but still enjoyed the movie - the special effects were awesome... next up will be 'AVP2' and 'cloverfield', which is directed by the guy who does LOST...

so that was my day and tomorrow, we're heading to my brother's for dinner and i'll be seeing the rest of my family... as for the rest of the week, i have no idea what i'll be doing but as long as i'm not at work - i think i'll be okay... ;o)

merry christmas!

Sizzle  – (10:06 PM)  

merry christmas! enjoy your time off.

Chris H  – (2:35 AM)  

Nice pressie mate. Love the cat photo, and I don't even like cats! LOL.

Kim  – (3:02 PM)  

Merry Christmas Jodi!! Sounds like an awesome day!

marie  – (11:19 AM)  

Love the mini mac pic! :)

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