jingle bells

happy christmas eve, everyone, and yes - i'm one of the chosen few that had to work today... i don't really mind since i'm off until after new year's and it's been pretty quiet (though busy for some reason, what's up with that?!)... they are letting us leave at 2:00 so i'm going to head to the gym and then head home... i have a ton to do tonight, including: cleaning, wrapping presents, and getting a head-start on my dinner for tomorrow... eric's coming over w/norman and then we'll be going to the christmas eve service at my mom's (and my old) church at 10:00pm... what are your plans for tonight?

my weekend was busy, did some running around w/my mom on friday but didn't really accomplish any shopping since most of the stores were more antiquey... had to grab some gift cards, etc. on saturday and even though we talked about going to see 'i am legend', that never happened - i helped eric unpack and setup his christmas present in the garage... it does look rather good, i have to say - there's something about a brand new, shiny, black, craftsmas tool chest that can make a man look manly... we did watch another movie called 'deja vu' with denzel washington, it was pretty good...

yesterday, i had to run to kohl's for a few things, then the grocery store for my cookie and dinner supplies... i made 3 kinds: sugar, almond, and chocolate crinkle - i'm going to give them away as presents on wednesday, when we go to my brother's for dinner... i had pizza for dinner and watched the redskins kick the viking's asses - whooo hoooo! :o)

food has been okay and exercise has been minimal... i haven't worried about it, or let it bother me, because i know it's just temporary... last year, i had foot surgery in january and i was unable to do real cardio til almost april so at least i know, whatever i gain over the holidays, will come off much quicker this time!

i hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and that you get everything you asked for... :o)

happy monday...

Jodi  – (3:41 PM)  

you so totally rock jodi... going to the gym on Christmas eve!!!! You are my new hero--i have been sitting on the couch with the kids watching Christmas cartoons most of the day!
Hope your Christmas is wonderful and full of love and friends!

iportion  – (7:48 PM)  

My husband is working reg hours today but gets christmas off woo hoo

Kate  – (7:52 PM)  

You go girl, hitting the gym Christmas Eve is awesome..I was right there with you!

Merry Christmas!

Chris H  – (2:18 PM)  

MERRY CHIRSTMAS Jodi, may you have a wonderful holiday.

Blonde Chick  – (9:33 AM)  

I was one of the few that had to work Monday, too. But sheesh! Going to the GYM TOO? You rock!

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