the scale finally showed the results of my not counting points and lack of exercise, i was up 2.2 pounds this morning but that could also be the result of christmas (wine, big dinner, etc.)... either way, i'm heading back to the gym tomorrow and getting back to some sense of normalcy, even though i'm off until next wednesday... i ordered a new 10-minute solution pilates DVD so maybe i'll give that a go one day... i can't let myself be a complete lazy-ass this week even though it feels really good not setting the alarm... ;o)

my brother hosted our family christmas today so we headed north to hanover and hung out w/everyone for the day... he made a huge ham and i made a very cheesy cauliflower/broccoli casserole (which i still have 1/2)... we exchanged presents and had some good laughs, my sister is quite the comedian when she gets caffeine in her system... my refrigerator is so full of leftovers right now, i won't have to cook/bake for a week - plus, i have a ton of cookies, caramel corn, and peanut brittle to eat so i'm really going to have to practice moderation... i'm usually not the type to keep sweet stuff in the house but when it's around, i eat it - not a good thing...

well, i'm off to watch 'alien vs. predator' which is perfect timing since eric & i are going to see the sequel on friday...

happy wednesday...

iportion  – (9:08 PM)  

I found out that my husband did have to work christmas but only till almost ten. We had lunch at friends house and opened gifts.
We had fun.

Vickie  – (6:17 AM)  

Consider putting the sweet stuff in the freezer - it helps the little bit here, the little bit there, quite a bit. Glad you had such a fun holiday - sounds wonderful.

Kate  – (10:19 AM)  

I'm sure that the gain was just part of the christmas dinner still remaining and you'll see a good portion of it drop off next week. Myself, I'm too scared to even get on the scale!

marie  – (11:20 AM)  

What a great family pic. Sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

Candace  – (3:20 PM)  

Sounds like a great week. Hope Max got some energy back.

ThickChick  – (12:23 PM)  

Aw, sounds like some lovely family time. As for the upward poundage, as you know, they'll disappear. Thank goodness the season of sweets is coming to a close.

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