holy smokes! sorry for being MIA this week (will explain below), didn't realize it had been that long since i posted... but being today is wednesday, i had to face the music (and my blogging-buddies) for weigh-in... the scale showed no loss/gain which is a TRUE christmas miracle, in my book, so i'm pretty happy... i actually thought i had gained but when i got to work and compared it to last week - i breathed a sigh of relief... :o)

i caught the latest bug that's floating around and was deathly sick from early sunday morning thru most of monday... we're talking throwing-up, chills, heat flashes, aches, pains, and lots of tears (because i hate feeling THAT miserable)... dr. eric put me on the couch sunday, under a ton of covers, and we listened to most of the steelers game, and then i went home still feeling pretty miserable... i slept A LOT that night but was awake for the redskins game (die-hard fan, what can i say) and then called in sick monday just so i could rest... now eric has it but is on the mend, thank-god, i would hate to be sick over the holidays and my vacation (which starts friday even though i'm here monday but only until 2:00)... :o)

eric had to take norman to the vet on thursday because he was having 'issues' - turns out, he had a urinary blockage and was diagnosed with cystitis... they say it's pretty common w/indoor cats who may be less active as outdoor cats, but it also could be the result of the type of water they drink, how much, and what their diet is... we thought he was coming home on saturday but the vets were still concerned so we went to see him and as usual, i was in tears, because i hate seeing animals in a cage... he was purring though and looked good so we just took the vets advice and let the medicine and new food do it's thing... when eric picked him up on monday night and they said norman was still having issues but it could be because he wasn't at home (gun shy perhaps)...
first thing eric did was take him downstairs and reintroduce him to the litterbox - like magic, norman went w/no problem and has been using it ever since... i can't tell you what a relief it is, to have him home and doing better - though we have to change a few big things (water, food, etc.), it's worth it... :o)

the website went live on friday and so far, so good (http://gmm.ici.org)... i will have to add things along the way - like video - which means learning yet another program... anyone have good things to say about final cut pro? anyway, i'm onto the next project - a blacktie 'save the date' - that has to be in the mail the week we get back from new years... we need to get the president's approval by tomorrow, we'll see if that happens...

have pretty much been on the back burner, esp. with being sick... i had no appetite from sunday morning til about mid-afternoon on monday and then BAM! i wanted food and i wanted pizza (my comfort food)... rather than making myself guilty or eating something i didn't really want - i went to the store, got what i wanted, and that was that... i had cereal twice yesterday (breakfast/dinner) so perhaps i should try a real meal tonight when i get home... i also haven't exercised since last monday so i'm looking forward to the treadmill or elliptical today, i haven't had the energy but think doing a bit of moving will help... :o)

biggest loser:
i'm so bummed that julie didn't win but honestly - is a woman EVER going to win this when it comes to the highest percentage of weight loss? i thought she looked INCREDIBLE (not that the others didn't) and totally thought she had it... don't get me wrong, i think every contestant looked amazing but maybe they need to have 2 prizes - one for male and one for female...

anyway, i promise to not have such a huge gap in my posts - with work winding down and being on vacation til new years, i will be around to post more often... i will also try and catch-up on everyone else's blogs - i've posted very randomly so it was nothing personal if i didn't comment on yours... :o)

happy hump day...

Sizzle  – (1:57 PM)  

i'm glad norman is doing better. and that you are too!

Kate  – (2:37 PM)  

I'm so glad to hear norman is doing better, like you, it absolutely brings me to tears to see a animal in a cage...especially my own!

Good job on the no loss/gain, it's a miracle this time of year to be able to maintain!

pastgirl  – (3:49 PM)  

Glad to hear that you and Norman are on the mend! I'm with you re: Julie and TBL – I think all of them were winners but I think having a male and a female category is in order at tis point. The couples set up shouldbe interesting.

iportion  – (8:02 PM)  

hope you and kitty feel all better over Christmas

Kim  – (11:03 PM)  

Wow - I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. Please keep taking care of yourself!!! :)

Teresa  – (11:11 AM)  

Sorry to hear you were under the weather. Take care, have a wonderful holiday.

Vickie  – (11:07 AM)  

So glad that you are feeling better.

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