why eat 1 cookie when you have 3

gotta love saturdays that are started with a good, spin class (yay me!)... i could've easily not the set alarm and stayed in 'vacation' mode but i didn't - i've been eating WAY to many cookies... i will be throwing away a lot of food today as well and will be stocking my fridge w/more healthy things, including a fresh pineapple... if i wasn't home, it wouldn't be such an issue but alas - they call my name at the strangest times... ;o)

i did some more shopping after going to the gym, picked-up a few xmas bargains but nothing major - i also scored some flannel sheets for myself and for my secret santa... i also ordered some gloves online, for the same person, and am officially done w/my shopping... i had to buy a new keyboard and mouse for the mac yesterday and as much as i love my cordless stuff at work - i couldn't justify spending $50 more esp. since i will have to buy a lot of software... hopefully eric will be able to connect my printer but if not, i will have to buy a new one of those too... such is life...

eric and i went to see 'alien vs. predator requiem' yesterday and i thought it was so-so... i prefer the straight sci-fi versions because once you starting mixing present day humans with these things, it adds a level of cheesiness... if you're still inclined to see it, i recommend going to see a matinée - save yourself some money...

today, i'm sticking around the apartment, doing laundry, and taking care of little things... i could always start putting away my xmas stuff but i like to leave it up until after eric's family's weekend and that won't be for another 2 weeks in pittsburgh... besides, i'm still enjoying the lights so who cares...

happy saturday...

iportion  – (4:43 PM)  

I haven't been to a movie in well over a year. I'd like to see something funny. I like more sci-Fi farce than sci0Fi horror

Chris H  – (7:53 PM)  

Movies! Hardly ever get to go... this is good cos then I am saved from the evil popcorn and lollies!

Vickie  – (5:43 AM)  

We actually always go to matinée times because of price and because I go to bed so early 365 days a year.

One year we took the ornaments off our tree and left it up all year with just the lights. This is a thin style tree (but it is 9'). We loved it.

I have 3 small thin style trees in the kitchen with light on an automatic timer that we leave up year round.

I have several other groupings of things that light (tiny wooden houses, candle sticks with light "flames", more small trees) that I leave up year round too.

Anonymous –   – (12:19 PM)  

I wanna focus on the cookies, haha! Ya know, Shawn can have a plate of cookies and 4 different types of candies lying around for weeks? Get that stuff near me and it's toast, baby!

angelfish24  – (2:36 PM)  

Sound like you had a nice xmas with family and going to movies. Way to go on getting to the gym!! Here's to a happy new year for you!

Living to Feel Good  – (2:31 AM)  

Cookies..ha I was eating them for breakfast and lunch. I got that out of my system though.

Good for you for going to spin class. :)

Happy New Year!

CaRoLyN  – (7:24 AM)  

Mmm cookies. I hear ya.

Hubby went to see A Vs P last night and said it was so-so as well. I opted for PS I Love you and it was fantastic!

Glad to hear your back on track and kudos to you for hitting up an early spin class!

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